How To Access Xbox Game Pass On PC 2022

Well, we looked around for a lot of ways to be able to play our Xbox games on PC, and guess what, we found out the key to it! Did you know how to access Xbox Game Pass on PC? Then, now is the time that we let you get acquainted with this information.

To access Xbox game pass on PC, you have to download the Xbox app on your PC, log in to your Microsoft account and the Xbox Game Pass games displayed on the screen in the app will all be playable on your PC. From here you can install the games that you would like to play on your PC. 

Xbox Game pass, as you might know, is a subscription service provided by Microsoft, which is used for Xbox One gaming consoles. This service provides the users with a wide range of popular games for which they have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Little did people know that this Xbox game pass can also be accessed on their PC. 

If you want to know in detail about how to access Xbox game pass on PC, then come along with us and you will find out. 

How To Access Xbox Game Pass On PC?

There are two ways in which you can access the Xbox game pass on your PC, one directly through the Xbox application, while the other is through your PC’s Microsoft Store. We shall explain both of them to you and you can then choose whichever method you would like to follow. 

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1. How To Access Xbox Game Pass On PC Through Xbox App?

Here are the steps required to be followed if you want to use the Xbox Game Pass on your PC with the help of the Xbox app. 

1. First, you have to download and install on your PC Xbox application. You will find the app in the Microsoft Store if you are using Windows 11 or 10. 

2. Then, you have to log in to the Xbox app using your existing Microsoft account. 

3. This will get you a better user interface compared to the Microsoft store. 

4. On the screen that will first appear, you will see the slide of games from the Xbox Game Pass, each of which you can play on your PC. 

Choose the games you want to play from your Xbox Game Pass on your PC and install them. 

Now, you can launch the games through the Xbox application, or you can also make the shortcut during the installation to directly play the game. So, this is how to access Xbox games on PC. 

2. How To Access Xbox Game Pass On PC Through Microsoft Store?

Here are the steps that you will have to follow to access the games available Xbox Game Pass on your PC through Microsoft Store, however, we suggest you the first method because this one can be slightly complicated and tricky. Rest is up to you. 

1. First you have to go to the Microsoft Store on your PC. 

2. Then click on the Menu button on the homepage at the bottom left section. 

3. Now, select the “Library” option to open all the applications you currently own on your PC. 

4. Use the filter there so the list only shows the games installed on your PC. however, this will mix your games with the ones downloaded through Xbox Game Pass. 

5. So, now, the list also shows the games that you have been given via the GamePass, you can search through them and play whichever Xbox game you would like to. 

How To Find Xbox Game Pass Files On PC?

Since all the files (games) that you install from the Xbox Game Pass, are installed to C:\XboxGames, you will have to go to the settings and change the default storage folder to C:\Games, after which the new games would be installed to this folder on your PC and your existing, already installed files will also be moved to it. 

As you do this you will be able to find all your Xbox Game Pass Files on your PC. 

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Wrap Up

This was how to access Xbox Game Pass on PC. So, from now onwards, you can always use one of these methods to have access to the games provided by the Xbox Game Pass on your PC without much trouble.

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