How To Beat Arlo Pokemon Go in 2023?

It has always been a challenge for the players to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go because the Pokemon he uses for the battle are quite powerful. So, advance preparation is a must in this case. Are you also thinking of fighting this Pokemon? Then this article is a Must Read for you.

Apart from catching several Pokemon randomly in the game Pokemon Go, there also exists the Team Go Rocket that the players need to compete against. This Team Go Rocket has several leaders, and Arlo is one of them and is the final leader one of Professor Willow’s assistants encountered.

To beat Arlo in Pokemon Go, you have to first prepare to beat the Charmander in the first phase of the challenge, then you will need to beat either Salamence, Mawile, or Charizard in Phase 2, and then finally you need to beat either of the Pokemon Scizor, Steelix, or Gardevoir.

If you want to know in detail how to deal with each of these Pokemon that Arlo would use against you, then keep reading and find out.

How To Beat Arlo Pokemon Go?

If you want to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go, you will first need to reach the point where you will be allowed to battle Arlo in the game. And this will happen only when you would have defeated a good number of Team Go Rocket Grunt at the PokeStops around you so that you can piece a Rocket Radar together, after which you will be allowed to battle either sierra, Cliff, or Arlo, which will be a random situation.

Once you get to locate and have a chance to battle Arlo, you will need to defeat all the Pokemon that Arlo sends for you. In the first phase, you will be battling against Charmander.

While in the second phase, you can face either of the three Pokemon Salamence, Mawile, or Charizard, so you will need to prepare yourself for each of them.

Finally, in the third phase, again, Arlo can send one of her three Pokemon, either Scizor, Steelix, or Gardevoir, so you will have to be ready for any of these.

Once you have defeated all three Pokemon sent by Arlo, this would mean that you have ultimately defeated Arlo in Pokemon Go.

Let us now see how you can take down each of the Pokemon in these three phases of the battle against Arlo in Pokemon Go.

1. Phase 1 

As said, the first Pokemon you have to battle against is a Charmander which is a Fire Type Pokemon and shows vulnerability to the Ground, Rock, and Water Type attacks.

However, this Pokemon is quite resistant to the Ice, Steel, Bug, Grass, Fire, and Fairy Type attacks, so make sure that you do not use any such Pokemon.

Here is a list of the best Counter Pokemon to take down Charmander in Pokemon Go.

1. Rhypherior

2. Tyranitar

3. Golem

4. Rampardos

5. Regirock

6. Omastar

2. Phase 2

In the second phase, you have to be ready for Salamence, Mawile, as well as Charizard. Let us take a look at each of them on how to beat these Pokemon.


Salamence is a Dual Type (Dragon and Flying Type) Pokemon and is highly vulnerable to Ice Type attacks, however, Dragon, Rock, and Fairy Type attacks can also inflict good damage on this Pokemon.

Here are the best Pokemon Counters for Salamence:

1. Mamoswine

2. Galarian Darmanitan

3. Glaceon

4. Weavile

5. Palkia

6. Rayquaza


This one is a Steel and Fairy Type Pokemon and takes great damage from the Fire and Ground Type attacks.

However, this Pokemon is resistant to all these types of attacks – Rock, Normal, Poison, Flying, Dragon, Fairy, Dark, Ice, Grass, Psychic, and Bug. So, you will have a little choice of Pokemon against this one.

Here is a list of the best Pokemon counters for Mawile:

1. Moltres

2. Entei

3. Garchomp

4. Houndoom

5. Chandelure


A Charizard is a Flying and Fire Type Pokemon and mainly shows vulnerability to the Rock Type attacks, however, you can also use Water and Electric Type moves.

You can use the following Pokemon as the best Charizard counters in the battle:

1. Rhyperior

2. Rampardos

3. Tyranitar

4. Golem

5. Omastar

3. Phase 3

Finally comes the last phase of the fight against Arlo where any of the three Pokemon can face you.


This is a Steel and Bug Type Pokemon, vulnerable only to Fire Type Attacks. Here are the best Scizor counters in Pokemon Go:

1. Blaziken

2. Charizard

3. Darmanitan

4. Entei

5. Heatran

6. Reshiram


This one is a Steel and Ground Type Pokemon weak to water, Fire, Ground, and Fighting Type moves. Here are the best Steelix counters you can use:

1. Conkeldurr

2. Darmanitan

3. Reshiram

4. Swampert

5. Entei

6. Heatran


Finally, this one is a Fairy and Psychic Type Pokemon weak towards the Poison, Steel, and Ghost Type moves. You can use the following Pokemon as the best Gardevoir counters:

1. Metagross

2. Chandelure

3. Gengar

4. Dialga

5. Hoopa

6. Roserade

Wrap Up

If you consider the suggestions provided by us against all the Pokemon that Arlo can use against you for battle, then no one can stop you from beating Arlo in Pokemon Go, so, are you ready for this thrilling challenge? Tell us in the comments who is the next Team Go Rocket leader you want to beat after Arlo.

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