How To Beat Rayne Syndicate Tower

Palworld is a fascinating sandbox game with many challenges unique to its engaging campaign. One of these challenges is the final confrontation with Zoey and Grizzbolt in Rayne Syndicate’s Tower, which signals the end of this tutorial stage. This encyclopedia is your compass to finding and defeating these powerful foes.

Finding the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower Boss

The Rayne Syndicate’s Tower boss awaits you northwest of your starting point at coordinates X:107 and Y:-437. As you set out, look northeast in the distance to one isolated building with a sci-fi design that appears white even at night.

Preparing for the Battle

To emerge victorious against Zoey and Grizzbolt, meticulous preparation is the key:

Character Level: Try to reach level 17 before starting this encounter.

Time Limit: Remember that this encounter has a limited duration of exactly 10 minutes.

Pals: Capture other Pals like Nitewing and Dinossom to augment your weapons.

Establish a Base: Establish a base to maintain the delivery of materials and refine better equipment. Even early-game weapons, such as the Old Bow and Stone Spear, do great damage.

Fast Travel: Although you can move your base, the clearing just before the tower has a fast-travel location. Apply this point in tagging the location to teleport conveniently.

Preparation is crucial for success.

Best Pals for the Battle

In facing Zoey and Grizzbolt, understanding the strengths of your Pals is pivotal:

Grizzbolt’s Abilities: Grizzbolt is an electric type Pal with 30,550 HP boasting powerful abilities. Note the multi-hit punch combo, frontal arc orbs and a crosshair with a pinpoint blast. Watch out because of the shock effects dealing with stuns.

Effective Pals: With fast attacks, flying rush and multi-hit projectiles, Nitewing is priceless. However, be wary of H2O-type Pals such as Relaxauruses, who may find it hard. Alter your approach according to Pals’ strengths and weaknesses.

Triumph and Rewards

After defeating Zoey and Grizzbolt, enjoy the fruits of victory by earning +5 Ancient Technology Points. Also, you will be teleported to the pillar’s pinnacle, providing a new quick travel location for future convenience.

Revisiting the Battle

Feeling adventurous? It is possible to challenge Zoey and Grizzbolt once more. Nevertheless, the possibility of a Grizzbolt catch during this interaction seems to be lost.

Final Word

In summary, if you come equipped with a strategic mind, cunning use of Pals and perseverance, then the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower boss in Palworld is indeed beatable. Join this exciting fight, and indulge in the fruits of your victory’s road.

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