How To Beat Salamence In Pokemon Go 2022

Being a trainer in Pokemon Go is not that easy, you need to know how to defeat and capture different kinds of Pokemon. Now that we are talking about this, have you figured out how to beat Salamence in Pokemon Go? If not yet, then we will let you know because we have already gone through that a lot of times.

To beat Salamence in the game Pokemon Go, you just need to have a really strong ice-type Pokemon because Salamence is a dragon Pokemon that is prone to ice, and the cherry on the cake is that it is also a flying-type Pokemon which gives it additional damage from ice. So, all you need to do is make sure that you have a competent one. Even if you don’t have one, there is an alternative you can go for, but to know about that you will need to read further.

There is a wide range of Pokemon to be battled and defeated in the game Pokemon Go, and this Dragon flying-type Pokemon, Salamence is one among them that really puts up a tough challenge in front of the players, especially if the players are not well-informed about the strengths and weaknesses of this Pokemon. 

if you really are eager to know how to beat Salamence in Pokemon Go, then you have landed on the right page, so just continue reading.

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How To Beat Salamence In Pokemon Go?

Before moving forward to battle Salamence in Pokemon Go, you should first be aware of what kind of Pokemon this actually is. 

Well, introduced in Generation III, Salamence is a dragon and flying-type Pokemon, in other words, one of the most powerful Pokemon in all Pokemon games, let alone Pokemon Go,  that normally is obtained by evolving Bagon, which is not that easy, but alternatively, you will find this Pokemon during your part in the Salamence raid that takes place in the game Pokemon Go. 

This is quite a powerful beast and if you manage to defeat this Pokemon, it will be yours and you can, in a way, say that you will become one of the most powerful trainers in the game. 

This would have already given you an idea that defeating this Salamence is not going to be a piece of cake. 

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If you are planning to beat Salamence in the raid alone, then forget about making this wish come true, because that is not possible in any way. So, before stepping into the raid to fight this Pokemon, you will need to call at least a buddy to assist you with this. It would be much better if you invite two buddies instead of just one. 

Bringing along at least two teammates to take part in this battle gives you an upper hand and increases your chances at a great level of beating the Salamence Pokemon in the game. 

To make things easier for you, we suggest you use a strong Ice-type Pokemon to serve this purpose, or you can use any other Pokemon you have that you believe is strong enough to give tough competition to Salamence.

As you know, no matter how strong and powerful a Pokemon is, all of them have at least one weakness and the same goes for Salamence. That’s why we suggested using an Ice-type Pokemon because that is the major weakness of Salamence.  

All the dragon-type Pokemon have a hard time dealing with any ice-type Pokemon in the battle, and, since you know that Salamence is also a dragon, you can beat it using a good ice-type Pokemon you have. And the plus point for you is that Salamence is also a flying-type Pokemon which adds to the damage caused by ice. 

Apart from ice, Salamence is also vulnerable to opposing Dragons and Fairies, but these options should only be kept as alternatives when you are not possessing a single ice-type Pokemon because ice is the best way to beat this Pokemon. 

The best ice-type Pokemon that you can use for this is Shadow Mamoswine whose average time of beating Salamence in the raid is about 79.8 seconds, which is the fastest for a solo Pokemon. 

You can also use the Galarian Darmanitan Pokemon that can beat this raid in just 85.7 seconds. And, if you are lucky enough to have these two Pokemon: Ice Shard and Avalanche, this duo is going to end up the raid and make you win over Salamence in just 96.1 seconds which is not much. 

However, these are all some of the strong ice-type Pokemon. You cannot expect to defeat Salamence with the help of any ordinary weak ice-type Pokemon. So if you don’t have a strong one, it is better that you seek help from a friend of yours and together win this raid. 

Wrap Up

That’s all for now on how to beat Salamence, all you have to make sure of is that you are having some really good ice-type Pokemon, at least one that is strong enough. If you have the moderate once, one friend’s assistance will be helpful to take over this raid, however, if your ice-type Pokemon are quite weak, you might need to ask a few more friends to team up with you in this raid.

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