How To Beat The Hateful God Of War? – God Of War Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok has numerous enemy bosses the player must fight with throughout the gameplay. These enemy bosses can range from easy to handle and the one who still gives nightmares. The difficulty level varies from the boss and the player can have a hard time defeating them. However, if you are aware of the right and significant steps or tricks that one can use to defeat these bosses then everything would be easy.

The Hateful is one such enemy that the player might find it difficult to defeat and if you do, don’t worry, you are probably not the only one. The Hateful is a mini-boss you fight with as a part of Born From Fire favor. It might be tricky to beat this optional boss but of course not impossible. 

To defeat The Hateful in God of War: Ragnarok, you must first be aware of Parrying, Resurrection Stone can provide great help, take the help of Atreus, learn the fight basics, and your Leviathan Axe is just the perfect weapon for combat. 

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How To Beat The Hateful God Of War?

The Hateful is an optional boss and part of a favor but is actually a bit difficult to deal with. You might face problems while dealing with him but don’t think it’s only you. The Hateful will emerge at every Draugr Pits in the game to fight with you. There is no particular method to defeat the enemy boss but there are some possible tricks and tips that might lessen the damage of The Hateful and you might even be able to defeat it. 

>Aware Of Parrying

Parrying in the game is a way to block enemy attacks and keep yourself safe from them. Parrying might not work with the deadly attacks of The Hateful like his red circle attacks but it can help with his other attacks. However, you must perfectly learn these parrying moves. 

>Resurrection Stone

Sindri and Brok will provide you with Resurrection Stone and purchasing it from them can be a helping hand in the fight. It is not compulsory for the fight but what if it acts as a game changer during the combat with The Hateful?

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A companion can prove to be of great help during the fight with this annoying Boss. Atreus can help you in luring The Hateful and giving you enough time to attack. You can also make use of the objects around you and throw them at The Hateful to divert his attention. 

>Learn the Fight Basics

Don’t enter the fight if you lack the required skills. You must practice dodging and parrying, range attacks, and must have a perfect hold on your weapons to fight the Boss. Be in defensive mode and make sure you master this art before jumping into this battle. 

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>Leviathan Axe 

The Leviathan Axe in itself is a great weapon during combat and if you combine it with the Runic Attacks then together, they can provide maximum damage. Your enemy would definitely be damaged and hurt with this amazing combo and this can be a great help in fighting and defeating The Hateful. 

Have great attacking and defensive skills and you can get what you desire in God Of War: Ragnarok.

Wrap Up

There is a wide range of bosses from optional to compulsory in God Of War: Ragnarok that the players must face. They can be easy to defeat, a little difficult, and the hardest. We provided you with some tricks you must keep handy if you desire to lock horns with The Hateful and defeat the monster. Go through these steps on how to beat The Hateful God of War. Make sure you possess the required skills to beat this boss and then take a step forward towards your victory.

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