How To Beat The Maven God Of War?

Have you ever been stuck in any Boss fights in God of War: Ragnarok and wonder if you had a guide to help you in this situation then it would be a piece of cake? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. God of War with its amazing adventure and fantasy genre presents a great action sequence with numerous bosses and mini-bosses to fight while completing the main game missions or the side quests. 

The bosses are not all easy to beat and sometimes, you need to be guided properly before entering the battlefield. The Maven is one of the many dangerous enemy bosses that you need to fight within the game. Maven is an aggressive attacker and it gets difficult to defeat the boss without noting the required precautions and skills you must possess. 

To beat The Maven, the player must dodge the attacks, manage the distance between Maven and themselves, shield strike to avoid the damage, and be careful as there are no checkpoints or health pickups. 

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How To Beat The Maven God Of War?

Though The Maven is one of the optional bosses you will encounter in the game, it is still difficult to defeat this mini-boss. You can fight with The Maven in The Elven Sanctum side quest or favor. She is located at Alfheim – The Forbidden Sands. The Boss fight with her is quite dangerous and damaging, thus, be aware of the requirements to fight with her in the boss battles and the skills you must possess to defeat The Maven. 

The Maven is one of those aggressive opponents that make the fight dangerous. We can’t say that she has some particular attacks as she mixes up her attack patterns. Dodging her attacks or parrying her attacks is the most significant step to beating her in the battle. When she throws her swords toward the player, she attacks twice. Thus it is important to parry both attacks. For that, you must practice your dodging and parrying skills before entering into the battle with her. 

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Manage the distance between yourself and The Maven, don’t go too close to her but also ensure that you aren’t much far. To interrupt her blue circle attacks, you must be close enough. If you are too far, the attacks will damage you. Her shield strike attacks can cause a lot of damage to you. It would be great if you shield strike the attacks. This would stun her and would probably reduce damage. Try to be close to her during her shield strike attacks to properly counter them as it might not be possible when you are far. 

Her ranged attacks might be easily dodged but then follows her block break attacks and they can do serious damage. She would throw her weapons during these block-break attacks and if you got hit, it will be difficult to dodge the rest. Parry these attacks if possible or hitting them might not give you a chance to recover. To heal from the attacks, use Spartan Valour as you won’t find any checkpoints or health pickups for your healing purpose. Back away from her slam attacks and when you get the chance, go and use a heavy attack on her. 

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Wrap Up

God of War: Ragnarok has numerous bosses you encounter during the gameplay and many of them, whether a major boss or mini-boss, are difficult to fight with. The Maven is one of those difficult mini-bosses and we have provided you with some steps and information regarding the skills you must have to defeat her and answered your query on how to beat The Maven God of War. Go through these tips and win the mission by defeating her and proving yourself as the best. 

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