How To Check For Updates On Steam | How To Update On Steam 2022

Every other day new features are added to the popular video games we play, thus it is important that we keep them updated to enjoy all the improvisations. And, this can be best done if you are using Steam as your online gaming store. So, do you want to know how to check for updates on Steam?

To check for updates on Steam, you can visit the Downloads page on the site and by going to the library tab. There you will be seeing all the available updates that are being downloaded or that you might want to download manually. 

When we think of the best platform for purchasing games as well as keeping them organized, Steam is the first name that comes to our minds, right? You can go through all the games listed on Steam to purchase the ones you want, the games can also be updated on Steam itself. 

Let us see how we can check all the updates on Steam and how you can further alter those changes yourself if you want to. 

How To Check For Updates On Steam?

For any games that have been scheduled for update or the ones that have recently been updated, all of them can be checked on Steam. 

Here are the steps that you will need to follow if you want to check any of the updates on Steam, be it current, recent, or scheduled. 

1. Hover your mouse to the top of your screen at the “Library” tab.

2. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen, select the “Downloads” menu from there. 

3. On this page, you will be able to view all the updates that have already been downloaded, that are being downloaded, or that are queued for download.  

Remember that you will not have to download any update yourself if you have already made the auto-download on. This way, the downloads will automatically be scheduled and the games will be updated accordingly without you having to take any action. So, this was all about how to check for updates on Steam.

How To Manually Update Steam Games?

There can be chances that you want the game to be instantly updated but has been auto-scheduled for a later time. In that case, you can also manually download those updates. 

Here is how you can manually update your games on Steam. 

1. Move your mouse to the top-left of your screen and select the Library tab. 

2. In the Library menu, scroll down through it and select the game that you want to update. 

3. Then click on the “Updates” option. 

4. There will be a drop-down tab at the mini window’s top where you can select the “Only Update this game when I launch it” option. 

As you do this, updates will be manually checked by Steam every time you will open it. This option will not let Steam automatically download any of the updates on that game. This way, you will always have to keep checking if there are any updates available so that you do not miss out on any. 

Furthermore, you can choose the “High Priority” option if you want to give priority to a particular game over the others whenever any updates are available. 

Why Is Steam Not Downloading Updates?

Are you facing the trouble of Steam not automatically downloading updates, or not even manually? There is not much to terrify about this, sometimes there are some minor downloading issues in a particular location, slowing down the downloading process. 

To solve this issue you just have to do one little thing, change your downloading region. Yes, you can switch to another region to download the updates. 

You can follow the below provided steps if you want to change your download location to make the updating process on Steam:

1. Open Steam on your desktop and then head to the Settings menu. 

2. Here you will see the Downloads menu, select that. 

3. Click on the “Download Region” option there and change the region. 

Then you can check if the games start updating on your Steam, it will most probably work if you choose the suitable location. 

Apart front this, you should also check if you have the antivirus software working on your device. And also restart your PC once and see if the downloading process starts working after that. You can also try running your Steam client as the administrator. 

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Wrap Up

This was all you needed to know about how to check for updates on Steam. So, next time you have to check when is your favorite game is going to update. Share this with friends who also use Steam as their game purchasing platform.

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