How to Crossplay Fall Guys?

Mediatonic developed Fall Guys, a platform battle royale video game. Up to 60 players can control jellybean-like creatures. They compete against each other in mini-games such as tag or obstacle courses.

Fall Guys is a cross-platform party game that allows you to compete with fellow contestants in absurd obstacle course chaos. Only one winner will be left!

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How to Crossplay Fall Guys

Crossplay is supported by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Large groups can participate in crossplay custom matches. This is different from crossplay matchmaking or teaming up to three of your friends to form a party. Custom lobbies let you choose the game types you want to play in a private group of people, regardless of what platform Fall Guys are on.

You’ll see a variety of options when you select the Host option. Select a game mode from the Pick ‘N Mix or Most Popular tabs in the Show Selection menu.

While most custom game types used to support a minimum number of two or four players in the past, custom lobbies now allow for a minimum of ten players. Mediatonic is continuing to address custom lobby issues and this post will be updated if the minimum is changed.

The top of the screen will display a five-character code. You can hide or show the code by pressing a button, if you want to hide it from public streams. The Show can be started once you have at least five players.

How to join a custom crossplay lobby in Fall Guys

Click Join from the Custom Shows menu and enter the five-character host code. This code is universally applicable to all players on all platforms.

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Why can’t I invite my friends to Fall Guys?

Try to install PS4 instead. You can invite your friends in Fall Guys if this solves the issue. Fall Guys can also help you if it’s a bug. They are already aware of the problem and are working on fixing it.

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