How To Defeat Darth Vader Fortnite 2022

Many people are wondering if it is even possible to finish off the ultimate evil in Fortnite – Darth Vader. Well, we will say, it is definitely a bit harder, but not impossible at all. If used the right technique, Darth Vader will be ended up in no time. So, do you also want to know how to defeat Darth Vader Fortnite? Then, we shall let you know. 

Fortnite is a free Cross Platform Battle Royale video game where all the players find one or the other game mode that they like to play. This is why the game is quite popular among gamers. Recently, a new enemy, Darth Vader, has been introduced to the game and players are finding it quite challenging to deal with him before anyone else. 

How to defeat Darth Vader Fortnite? Answer: Try to fight him in Zero Build with the help of 50 HP Overshield. Otherwise, you will have to drop on Darth Vader as soon as his ship lands. It is better that you follow him thoroughly and attack him while staying in the car to prevent yourself. 

Take a little more time to read further to get a better idea of Darth Vader Fortnite location and how to defeat Darth Vader Fortnite at the possible earliest time. 

Where Is Darth Vader In Fortnite?

If you have made up your mind to defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite, you will first need to keep check of the locations where it appears. Firstly, you will find a new area in the Fortnite map, if your game has been updated to its latest version. 

When you start the match, an imperial shuttle will probably enter the map when you enter the battle bus. Now, this shuttle can land in five possible locations. Then a beacon will appear in the game but do not go for it, as the Darth Vader will always patrol the area around the shuttle. 

The possible locations where the shuttle can land and at one of which you will be able to find Darth Vader are:

1. To the northeast of the Joneses, on the beach. 

2. Near the road to the south of the Coney Crossroads. 

3. To the northeast of LogJam Lotus, on the mountain. 

4. To the south of Greasy Grove, in the forest. 

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How To Defeat Darth Vader Fortnite?

You know well that by defeating this enemy, you will also get a hold of the Darth Vader lightsaber, which makes it more important to end up Darth Vader before someone else does, as this is a one-time chance. 

So, firstly, make sure that you maintain a good distance from the Darth Vader once you find it. Don’t be too far from him, neither be too close because both can be dangerous for you. 

If you have a rapid-fire weapon with a large magazine, then you are at an advantage because when you hit him repeatedly, he will let down his guard and you will have a good chance. We suggest you keep a Stormtrooper’s E-11 Blaster Rifle with you when you are on your way to defeat Darth Vader. 

Also, make sure that you have some items that provide fast healing like the Chug Splash and the Med Mist because Darth Vader has many shields as well as a good health pool, so he can end you easily if you are not well-prepared. 

Also, it is preferable to take cover so that you can avoid his attack when he throws the lightsaber like a boomerang. 

If you take care of all these things then you will definitely be able to defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite. Remember that other players might also be using the same strategies so make sure that you are a bit quicker. 

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Wrap Up

These are the things that you need to keep a note of if you really want to defeat the Darth Vader and obtain the Darth Vader light saber in Fortnite.

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