How To Get An Espeon In Pokemon Go – 2 Ways

Who doesn’t want this Pokemon with Psychic moves in Pokemon Go? Yes, we are talking about Espeon which is the evolved version of our favorite Eevee. We are sure that you are also impatient to know How To Get An Espeon In Pokemon Go, right?

To get an Espeon in Pokemon Go, you can either use the Eevee name trick where all you have to do is rename Eevee to Sakura before the evolution takes place and it will transform into Espeon, or you can just assign an Eevee to walk with you unless you receive 25 Eevee candies after which you can evolve it to Espeon during day time.

One of the most relevant reasons why everyone looks forward to obtaining an Espeon in Pokemon Go is its loyalty to its Trainer, which surpasses any other quality of a Pokemon. Apart from this, Espeon can prove to be of great use because of its psychic-type moves in the game. 

Whether or not you believe us, if you still don’t have Espeon in Pokemon Go, you are missing out on something very important, that is why we are here to guide your way into obtaining it. 

How To Get An Espeon In Pokemon Go?

The first thing that is most crucial for you to get an Espeon in Pokemon Go is that you should be having at least one Eevee as your own Pokemon. This is because Espeon can only be evolved from Eevee, you need to first obtain it. 

Once you have your own Eevee, there are two ways in which you can get your own Espeon in Pokemon Go and we are going to explain both of them to you right here. These two methods are:

1. Using Eevee Name Trick

2. Walk With Eevee

Do you want to know further about these methods to decide which one you would prefer to apply? Here we go, then. 

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How To Get Espeon In Pokemon Go Name Trick?

Did you know that for Eeveelution, which is the evolution of Eevee, you get a chance to use the naming trick?

In this method, what you exactly have to do is set the name of your Eevee as Sakura before the evolution has to occur. As you will do this name trick, you will get your Eevee evolved into Espeon. 

In case you don’t know how to rename your Eevee, you just have to select the Eevee Pokemon of yours that you want to evolve. You will then see a pen icon, tap on it and there you can type Sakura and set its name. 

There is one thing you need to remember, that is, it will be only once that you can use this trick on your Eevee. So, if you have already used up this trick, you will have to go for the other method as renaming again won’t work. 

How To Get Espeon In Pokemon Go By Walking?

The other traditional method by which you can evolve your Eevee into Espeon is here. 

You just have to choose an Eevee you have as your buddy and then start walking with it. Once you have walked with your Eevee up to ten kilometers, you will receive two Eevee candies at a minimum. 

You will need to collect 25 such Eevee candies for the evolution process to take place. Once you have collected all the 25, all you have to do is wait for the daytime to arrive. Then you can proceed with evolving your Eevee to Espeon by using the 25 Eevee candies that you collected by walking. 

Remember that you will have to walk with the same Eevee every time so that all the Eevee candies are assigned to the same Pokemon. 

Also, note one thing, do not make the mistake of attempting to evolve your Eevee at night time, or else it will be transformed into Umbreon in place of Espeon, so, make sure that you do not forget this. This was all about how to get an Espeon in Pokemon Go.

Wrap Up

These are the only possible ways how to get an Espeon in Pokemon Go. So, if you also feel like you need a loyal pokemon to tame in the game, then do not waste any time and grab the opportunity to obtain an Espeon through your Eevee.

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