How To Get Dive In Pokemon Emerald?

If you want your Surf to score double in your next turn in Pokemon Emerald then you will require to use Dive in this game. However, first of all, you must be aware of how to get Dive in Pokemon Emerald and we know the process. If you are willing to know, we are more than happy to share it with you. 

Pokemon Emerald is another one of the popular Pokemon-based video games where you can do double battles, that is, you can challenge your gym leaders again after the story. Not just this, you can also make your Pokemon learn to fly as well as surf in Pokemon Emerald and we are sure you want to know how that is done. 

To get Dive in Pokemon Emerald, firstly you need to go to the Mossdeep City to defeat the double gym leader that will trigger the Space Center Event. Then head to the Space Center where you will have to defeat Magma while pairing with Steven Stone. Finally, once you have saved the Mossdeep Space Center, you will head to Steven’s house where you will get your Dive. 

We know this is not very simple, and that is why a full-fledged guide is waiting for you right below, just keep reading and know in detail how you can obtain Dive in Pokemon Emerald. 

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How To Get Dive In Pokemon Emerald?

There are several moves that vary from one Pokemon to another in Pokemon Emerald, one of them being the Dive move which you can get if you want to Surf in the game. However, many players are not aware of how to get this move, so let us find the answer. 

Firstly, you need to head to Mossdeep city which is on an island along the eastern side of Hoenn on Route 125 near the Shoal Cave.

Here you have to beat the gym leader if you haven’t yet. There you will find the gym leaders Tate and Lize who use Psychic Type Pokemon in their battles so be prepared accordingly. Absol is the most suitable counter Pokemon in this case. 

To get Absol, you will need to go to Route 120 to find it. But remember, that the chances of getting this Pokemon are only 7 to 10 percent. And if you make this Pokemon learn Bite at level 28, no one can stop you from beating those Psychic Type Pokemon using your Absol. 

However, if you do not succeed in obtaining this Pokemon, you can also go for Mightyena, which is a Dark Type Pokemon and you can find it on the western route of Lilycove City. 

Once you have defeated the double gym leader you will receive a badge as a result of which an event in the Space Center shall be triggered. 

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Now you have to go to the Mossdeep Space Center where Team Magma has already sent the letter telling them they are going to steal their rocket fuel. You have to stop Team Magma from achieving their purpose who have already attacked the center. 

On reaching the center, on the first floor you will find all the Team Magma Grunts whom you have to defeat. 

Then, move to the second floor where you will meet Steven Stone. Pair with him and fight a double battle which will be against Maxie and Tabitha who are going to use their Pokemon Mightyena, Crobat, and Camerupt in this battle. 

Once you are done beating this duo, you would have saved the Mossdeep Space Center and now you have to go to Steven’s House which is in Mossdeep City. 

Here you will have a brief conversation with Steven who will thank you for saving the Space Center and you will receive the HM Dive as a token of appreciation. 

Wrap Up

So, this was all, the only way in which the players of Pokemon Emerald can obtain the Dive move in the game. We hope that you will not find a lot of difficulty in this, however, the procedure is definitely a bit time-consuming and you will need to put a lot of dedication into it. If there is something else troubling you in Pokemon Emerald, you can share it with us in the comments so that we can help you out with the same.

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