How To Get Dratini In Pokemon Go?

If you are looking for a cute DRAGON, then you can’t have a better option than a Dratini. So, today we are here to guide you all the way through getting Dratini in Pokemon Go. 

To get Dratini in Pokemon Go, you must either look around the significant locations in your surroundings. To increase your chances, take part in the “Catch 10 Dragon Type Pokemon” event that has arrived this September. If you also want to know the right way to catch it, you can continue reading. 

In Pokemon Go, you would have heard of a variety of amazing Pokemon available but would have hardly found a few of those species, and even if you managed to find them, the chances of catching them are quite low. Why is it so? That’s because you are probably looking for them in the wrong place or using the wrong technique to catch them. 

If you do not want to make the same mistake while getting a Dratini, then our assistance is a must for you. 

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How To Get Dratini In Pokemon Go?

Being a Dragon Type Pokemon, Dratini is already one of the rare species in Pokemon Go, so the players can really have a hard time catching it if they are aiming for searching it in the wild because that is a 1 in 100 possibilities. 

Finding A Dratini In Pokemon Go

Earlier, Dratini used to be a part of the One Star Raid Bosses to battle against, and some players could also obtain it by hatching certain eggs, but these options are no longer available for the Pokemon Go players, you can just expect these methods to return to the game. 

A Dragon Type of Pokemon is supposed to be found near the places of interest in the wild, so, if you are setting out to get a Dratini in the wild, you must specifically choose the significant or popular locations where you can have much better chances of finding this Pokemon than any other commonplace. If you are lucky enough, you might encounter a Dratini soon. 

However, this September 2022, Niantic has provided the players with an opportunity to get Dratini in Pokemon Go. How? Well, it is through a specific Research Task that has been recently introduced in the game namely “Catch 10 Dragon-Type Pokemon”. 

Accomplishing this research task in the game provides the Pokemon Go players with a great possibility of finding a Dratini for themselves. 

If you do not want to hopelessly roam around in the wild to find a Dratini nor wait for the eggs to return to the game to hatch a Dratini from, you must surely give your shot at taking part in this event and try to earn a Dratini as a reward because this Pokemon is the main part of this event. 

Since taking part in this event is going to increase your chances of finding a Dratini spawning in the areas around you, you cannot miss this opportunity at any cost. No matter what, participating in this event is not going to harm you in any way. 

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Catching A Dratini In Pokemon Go

Imagine that you finally found a Dratini in Pokemon Go during the event. But then what? If you are not prepared enough to catch this Pokemon, all your efforts will just go wasted no matter how early you see a Dratini in front of you. 

So, to make sure that you do not miss a chance, you must be ready to face it in the battle, for which you must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of this Pokemon. 

A Dratini is resistant to all the Pokemon of Types Water, Grass, Fire, and Electric. So, make sure that you do not use a Pokemon from any of these kinds during a battle with Dratini. 

However, Dratini is a Pokemon quite vulnerable to the Pokemon that can inflict Ice, Fairy, or Dragon Type Attacks, increasing your possibility of catching a Dratini to a great level, so, you should definitely use a strong Pokemon from one of these kinds. 

Here are some of the best Pokemon Counters against Dratini that will confirm your victory so you can catch the Dratini. 

1. Kyurem

Charged Move: Outrage

Fast Move: Dragon Tail

2. Darmanitan

Charged Move: Avalanche

Fast Move: Ice Fang

3. Kyurem

Charged Move: Blizzard

Fast Move: Dragon Tail

4. Palkia

Charged Move: Draco Meter

Fast Move: Dragon Tail

5. Rayquaza

Charged Move: Outrage

Fast Move: Dragon Tail

Wrap Up

We hope that all this information we provided would be really helpful for you to find and get a Dratini in Pokemon Go and you will soon be possessing one. If there is any other Pokemon that you wish to catch, you can freely share with us in the comments so we can come up with another researched guide on that.

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