How To Get Industrial Composite Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is all about action and adventure, and weapons are a must throughout the game. For improvisation and advancement of weapons, it is important to collect certain materials and Industrial Composite is one of them. But the question is, how to get industrial composite Far Cry 6.  

Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter game in the action-adventure genre. Due to the intense action required in the game, you need to use the best weapons to make it through the game. 

Industrial composite in Far Cry 6 is a unique material that is quite necessary for advanced Supremo and the improvement of weapons in the game.

How to get industrial composite in Far Cry 6? Answer: You can get Far Cry 6 industrial composite by earning Moneda in the game and exchanging it with Industrial Composite on the Black Market. Or you can also get Industrial composite by fishing specific species of fish in the game. 

As we are speaking of Industrial composite in this article, we will check out different ways how to get industrial composite in Far Cry 6.

How To Get Industrial Composite Far Cry 6

Industrial composite is one of the major collectibles that need to be taken care of in the game Far Cry 6. To not be short of industrial composite throughout the game, it is necessary that you know all the methods that get you this component. 

We will now discuss one by one the possible ways in which you can obtain industrial composite in Far Cry 6. 

1. By Completing Ambush Missions

How To Get Industrial Composite Far Cry 6 - Ambush missions

There are some military targets where you can be rewarded with industrial composites in the game. The major locations in Far Cry 6 where you will get industrial composite as a reward are: 

1. Aguas Lindas – Oasis Plains, Codename: Ibis

2. Esperanza – Old Pueblo, Codename: Quetzal

3. Esperanza – West Lado, Codename: Hoatzin

4. La Joya – Catalina Ridge, Codename: Toucan

5. Barrial – Ventosa Peninsula, Codename: Cassowary

6. La Joya – Mirador Cape, Codename: Coquette

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2. By Completing Bandido Operations

How To Get Industrial Composite Far Cry 6 - Bandido Operations

You can also earn industrial composites through some Bandido Operations, although this happens on rare occasions, you must be aware of this as well. You can get rewarded with Industrial composites as an operation completion reward, a choice reward, or even both. 

3. By Trading In Fish Meat

How To Get Industrial Composite Far Cry 6 - Trading in fish meat

Another method is – Far cry 6 industrial composite fish trading. For this, you will need to capture the specific types of fish that are subject to trading for industrial composite. Here is a list of fish that you can capture and exchange for Industrial Composite:

1. Permit

2. Catfish

3. Biajaca

4. Parrotfish

Far Cry 6 Catfish and Far Cry 6 Parrotfish are the most common species that are usually captured for getting industrial composite. To make fishing easier, you would need too construct a Fishing Hut. 

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4. By Purchasing From The Black Market

How To Get Industrial Composite Far Cry 6 - Purchasing From Black Market

You can also purchase industrial composite from Lola Far Cry 6, the Black market vendor. You can exchange Moneda for industrial composite. For this, you will need to farm Moneda in the game. 

To earn Moneda, you will have to go to the guerilla base camps to find Lola who will give you some missions that you can complete and earn from 100 to 150 Moneda on the completion of special operations. You can pay this earned Moneda and purchase as much industrial composite as you require. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the only ways that can get you industrial composite in the game Far Cry 6. Now, you do not need to have worry any longer as you know what tasks you will need to accomplish if you are in need of industrial composite for your weapons. 

How To Get Industrial Circuits In Far Cry 6?

If you need industrial circuits in the game Far Cry 6, you can simply purchase them from the Black Market merchant Lola in the Guerilla camps. You can exchange the Moneda that you earn for the industrial circuits. Moneda is a special currency that you need to first earn by completing several special operations that Lola will assign you. 

Is Far Cry 6 Coop?

Yes, Far Cry 6 can be played in co-op mode only but only with a maximum of two players. Neither can a single player play this game, nor more than two. And, you cannot play against each other in the game, you will need to play alongside to get through the game. 

Where To Buy Far Cry 6?

The game Far Cry 6 is available for purchase on Windows PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. So, if you are using any of these, you can get the game for yourself and enjoy playing it with your best friend.

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