How To Get Out Of Werewolf Form Skyrim

Did you also go through Lycanthropy and become a werewolf, but now are stuck in this beast form in Skyrim? We guess, almost every Skyrim player has faced this trouble. But guess what? We have found out the answer to how to get out of Werewolf Form Skyrim! 

To get out of Werewolf Form in Skyrim, you will need to obtain one of the Glenmoril Witches’ heads, for which you will get the chance during the Blood’s Honor quest, where your task will be to slay the Witches in the cave.

What Is Werewolf Form In Skyrim?

During the quest “III Met By Moonlight” if a player wears Hircine’s cursed ring, or when a player progresses through the main quest of companions, they get the power of the Beast Form as a result of Lycanthropy which is a potent disease in the game that turns the character in the game into a monstrous-looking wolf.

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How To Get Out Of Werewolf Form Skyrim?

Before you put on more hope, let us make one thing clear to you that you will surely be able to free yourself if you are stuck in Werewolf form Skyrim, however, that will not be made possible very soon. It will only happen by the ending of the Companions’ main questline that you will get your chance to exit the Werewolf form in the game. Let us now tell you how to get out of Werewolf Form Skyrim.

You must already be aware that as you hit the final Companions’ quest, namely “Glory of the Dead” there will be Kodlak’s spirit who can’t find eternal rest and you are the one who has to help him out into entering the Sovngarde. 

So, for this to make happen, you will be tasked to cut off the heads of the witches of Glenmoril. Once you cast one of the witches’ heads into Harbinger’s flame, Kodlak will be cured of his gift and his wolf spirit will come and you will have to slay it to cure its Lycanthropy disease. 

Now the question arises, what about your disease? So, you can just take an extra Witch’s head and ignite the Flame off Harbinger and cast the head into it and their Lycanthropy disease will be cured in the game, so, they will finally get rid of their werewolf form. 

Now that the wolf spirit has left your character’s body and all the beast’s blood as well, you can either acquire the form of a pure-blooded Dragonborn or Vampirism and proceed further in that form for the remaining adventure in the game. 

How To Restore Werewolf Form Again In Skyrim?

If you have exited your Werewolf form in Skyrim, yet you want to restore that back, then you can speak to the Huntress in The Circle, Aela, who will again give her blood to the Dragonborn as a result of which your cure of Lycanthropy will be reversed and you will again become that monstrous Werewolf. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know how you can get rid of your Werewolf form in the game The Elder Rolls V: Skyrim. So, if you are also tired of being that beast, just go for it without wasting any more time hovering around being a bloody Werewolf. 

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