How To Get Pure Prisms FGO?

Are there a lot of items that you are still unable to obtain in Fate Grand Order? That must be because you still don’t know how to get Pure Prisms FGO because this is the item that can get you a variety of items that you are going to need throughout the game. If you want to know where and how to obtain them, this is the right place for you. 

Fate Grand Order (FGO) is one of the best Japanese mobile games that are free to play. This exciting role-playing visual novel game will take you to a world where you are the master of a group(servants) and get to command them. When you go through the gameplay, you get to know that there are a lot of items that you need every once in a while, and for most of these, you require Pure Prism. 

To get Pure Prisms in FGO, you can clear the second part of the main quest in the game. You can also receive this item via the Gift Boxes. Moreover, if you ascend your servants, there are great chances that you will receive a Pure Prism in return. 

Let us know in detail about the importance of Pure Prism in FGO as well as how to get them in the game, so, just keep reading for this. 

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What Is The Use Of Pure Prisms In FGO?

Of several items that can be used in Fate Grand Order, Pure Prisms are also one which is useful if the players plan to obtain items such as the Unlucky Bone, Dragon’s Reverse Scale, or Yggdrasil Seed. 

There are some items for which you will only need one Pure Prism, however, there are certain items that require you to have 2 or 3 Pure Prisms, this is the reason you must be aware of all the possible methods of getting this item so that you can have a number of Pure Prisms and get all the items that you want in the game. 

Let us also check out the items that require Pure Prisms to get them and also the number of Pure Prisms that you need to have for that. 

Items That Require 1 Pure Prism – Void’s Refuse, Unlucky Bone, Tiny Bell of Amnesty, Stimulus Gunpowder, Night-Weeping Iron Stake, Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid, Stinger Of Certain Death, Chains of the Fool, Dragon Fang, Hero’s Proof. 

Items That Require 2 Pure Prisms – Scales of Fantasies, Rainbow Yarn, Divine Spiricle Vein, Crown of Radiant Silver, Arrowhead of Maledictions, Ancient Bell of Tranquility, Aurora Steel, Giant Ring, Permafrost Ice Crystal, Kotan, Magatama, Seashell of Reminiscence, Medal of Great Knight, Meteoric Horseshoe, Infinity Gear, Homunculus Baby, Forbidden Page, Snake Jewel, Phoenix Plume, Octuplet Twin Crystal, Ghost Lantern, Yggdrasil Seed. 

Items That Require 2 Pure Prisms – demonic Flame Hozuki, Fruit of Longevity, Comet Chard, Genesis Egg, Tsukumo Mirror, Dawnlight Reactor Core, Bizarre Godly Wine, Cursed Beast Cholecyst, Primordial Lanugo, Scarab of Wisdom, Lamp of Demon Sealing, Warhorse’s Immature Horn, Spirit Root, Black Tallow, Bloodstone Tear, Heart of a Foreign God, Talon of Chaos, Dragon’s Reverse Scale. 

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How To Get Pure Prisms FGO?

There are a few ways in which you can get Pure Prisms in FGO, let us discuss each of them. 

1. The first way in which you can obtain Pure Prism in Fate Grand Order is by clearing the Main Quests.

2. Ascending Servants is another method by which the players can get Pure Prisms in the game for themselves. 

3. Moreover, there are several Retroactive Rewards that are sent to your Gift Box within the game where you might also get the Pure Prism if you are lucky enough. 

Wrap Up

For now, these are the only ways that can get you Pure Prisms in FGO. If any other update is added to Fate Grand Order like the one that was added this year on the game’s 7th Anniversary by which you can get Pure Prism in the game, we shall soon let you know about the same. If there is any other item you want to get in this game, you can feel free to share it with us in the comments and we will soon reach out to you with the right answer.

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