How To Get Rebirth 2k22 Current Gen

We already have so many impressive quests in NBA 2k22 Current Gen, and let us tell you that the Rebirth quest has made a comeback into the game. This is quite exciting because you know what a great headstart Rebirth provides the players with. So, are you willing to know how to get Rebirth 2k22 Current Gen? 

To get Rebirth 2k22 Current Gen, first, you have to head to Club 2K and search for the ATM. could be that you find it within the crowd of other players, or just alone in black-colored sporty clothes with signs of dollars marked over the materials. Have a talk with him and he will give you access to the Rebirth quest. Do you also wish to know the advantages of Rebirth and how to complete the quest? All of this has been covered here, all you have to do is Read. 

NBA 2k22’s second season has come with a huge advantage that will save the players’ time as well as provide them with quite a lot of benefits. You know what we are talking about, it is the Rebirth reward that requires a quest to be unlocked first. If you are playing this game, you cannot miss the chance to get this reward. 

If you are also excited about Rebirth in 2k22 Current Gen, then read this article so that you can also enjoy its benefits in NBA 2k22. 

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How To Get Rebirth 2k22 Current Gen?

If you want to get Rebirth in 2K22 Current Gen, you will first have to get the Rebirth quest. 

To begin with, if you want to complete your Rebirth quest in the game, the first requirement for this is that you will need to have a minimum of 90 OVR (overall) MyPlayer build. You can have it more than that, but it shouldn’t be any lesser. 

Then, you will need to head to Club 2K where you need to look around for the ATM. There are great chances that this ATM will already be swarmed with a number of other players, or else, could be that it is standing alone in black sporting clothes having dollar signs. 

You have to talk to ATM at it will give you the ATM. Then, you will have to play about ten 2v2 or 3v3 games in The City to complete this quest. Once you are done with that, the abilities that come with the Rebirth quest will be unlocked for you and you will have access to them. 

Let us tell you that once you have attained Rebirth’s benefits, you will get a headstart with your new builds that can let you unlock up to 30 badges.

Whenever you are asked in the game if you want to add the Rebuild feature to your new build, all you have to do is select the Yes option and you will get the headstart whenever you are starting in My Career

The headstart will include up to 20 badge points which would be already earned, plus, the first 10 MyPoints will also be already completed before you do anything. 

That’s not all, while your OVR cap used to begin with 85 OVR, with Rebirth, it will be 90 OVR right from the start. 

If you are playing NBA 2k22 Old Gen, you still can have access to the Rebirth ability for which you have to go to the cruise ship. Then head to the elevator to enter Deck number 16. There you have to follow along while running around the pool and you will see a girl wearing a red t-shirt. There will be an exclamation mark over her head. 

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As you talk to her, you will receive the Rebirth quest from her. Now, you will have access to take part in the Rebirth Quest. 

You can just go to your game’s Quest Journal and scroll through it where you will find the Rebirth Quest. Then, you can just go ahead and take part in the quest. 

Wrap Up

We have provided you with all the information we could about how to get Rebirth 2k22 Current Gen. Now, it is all about the efforts you give in to the quest to complete it as quickly as possible, after which you can start the My Career with your Rebirth characters.

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