Pokemon Go When Do Raids End? September 2022 Raids Schedule

One of the most awaited things in Pokemon Go is the different kinds of raids that take place where the players can participate and win certain amazing Pokemon as rewards. However, due to a lack of information, many players miss their chance of having this privilege. Only if they knew when the raids in Pokemon Go end, they could make it in time, but this won’t happen anymore. 

In Pokemon Go, this September 2022, the raids are going to be held every Wednesday of the week throughout the month. The time up to which these raids will last is 1900 hours as per the local time of the players’ region. Now, you must also want to know the starting time of these raids, don’t worry everything has been covered here regarding the Pokemon Go raids. 

Every once in a while in Pokemon Go certain raids are held throughout the year. These include Normal, rare, Mega, and Legendary raids based on which the players get a chance to obtain the related Pokemon for themselves. 

If you are not aware of when the raids in Pokemon Go end or start, then we are here, happy to help you by providing all the necessary related information.  

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Pokemon Go When Do Raids End?

As for September 2022, the raids in Pokemon Go are being held once every Wednesday. These raids last for an hour, the timing of these being from 1800 hours to 1900 hours as per the local time of the region. 

Thus, the raids in Pokemon Go presently last for a complete hour during which the players can participate in them and battle the Pokemon that they want to capture for themselves. 

How To Take Part In A Raid In Pokemon Go?

Raids are the events in Pokemon Go that are held for the players to get a chance to battle the strong monster Pokemon and receive exclusive rewards in return, including encounters with the Pokemon they defeated. Every raid comprises five tiers with consecutively rising levels of difficulty. 

The players can participate in the easier raids alone, however, the higher ones require the players to team up, or else they wouldn’t be able to win the battle on their own. 

To take part in a raid, the first thing that you require is a raid pass. You can obtain a raid pass from the gym which can be claimed only once a day. 

Once you have your raid pass, you need to look for a gym that has an egg above it. Then, you will need to wait for the timer to count down to the beginning of the raid. 

Once the timer is off, you can take part in the raid where you will face the raid boss who is a Pokemon from the game but with a much higher CP as compared to it usually is. 

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Now, you only have one complete hour within which you have to form your team as well as fight this raid boss to defeat it. If you are confident enough, you can also take part in the battle alone, however, if you want to form a team, you can group up with up to 20 players. 

As for the Pokemon, you are allowed to bring only 6 Pokemon of yours at max to take part in the raid to battle alongside you, which is the same criteria as the gym battles that usually take place in the game. 

Even if you fail in the fight with the raid boss once, you can retry battling as long as there is time left for the raid to end. Once you have fought well enough to beat the boss, you will be given a chance to catch the same by using the Premier balls

Wrap Up

This is all for now that you needed to be aware of regarding the September 2022 raids schedule in Pokemon Go when the raids end as well as how to participate in the raids. Since you know how the raids in Pokemon Go work, why don’t you prepare well and take part in the upcoming raid this Wednesday to win a Pokemon that you had always longed for in Pokemon Go?

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