How To Get Reissue Material In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

No matter how good your gameplay is, If you don’t have the Reissue Material in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, then your gameplay can be affected. Does it make your gameplay better? A big Yes. Why? Because it helps in crafting items. But the problem is that getting Reissue Material is not an easy task. Then, how can you get it?

When you finish some particular tasks in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you are rewarded with Reissue Material. The Tasks are Shovelstrike Quarry, Happy Homeroom Classes, Blather’s Treasure Trek, and Reissue Starter Pack. 

How you can complete these tasks? Everything will be described in this article. There is no need to wait now, let’s find a way to get Reissue Material.

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What Is Reissue Material Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

Reissue Material is a brand-new function that was included in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Latest version and allows you to make some past event goods that you might have missed. By the way, all you need is a few balls and some different items to craft them. But it is necessary to have Reissue Material. So, make sure that you have the Reissue Material.

How To Get Reissue Material In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Getting reissue material in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is not an easy task. You will get this useful crafting material only when you do some specific tasks properly. Below, we have outlined briefly what kind of tasks you have to perform to get it.

Tasks to get Reissue Material:

  • Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival
  • Happy Homeroom Classes for Reissue Goals
  • Blather’s Treasure Trek
  • Shovelstrike Quarry
  • Reissue Starter Pack

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Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival

This was an event that ran till 27 May 2020. At that time, you could win a lot of items by playing some things at this event. So at that time, people used to win reissue material only by this event. But now this event doesn’t happen. So, at the present time, you will now get this material by performing other tasks. 

Happy Homeroom Classes For Reissue Goals

Players can accomplish Reissue Crafting objectives from April 10 until May 1. The Reissue Material Map and various amounts of Reissue Material are obtained through passing Happy Homeroom lessons, which is a need for them. This is necessary for one of the other ways to obtain Reissue Material. This is a short-term promotion that will provide you with plenty of reissue material.

Blather’s Treasure Trek

The Reissue Material Map can be taken to Blathers to send him on another adventure if you finished some of the Happy Homeroom classes and obtained it. After that, all you need to play something similar to ludo. Didn’t get it? Here you will have to roll a dice once again as there are 11 slots on the board and then a map can be sent on his path by using the other crafting things. You will get a good quantity of reissue material from here.

Shovelstrike Quarry

In order to get a good amount of Reissue material, you need to solve the Shovelstrike Quarry. You can get this material as a reward for winning this challenge at Shovelstrike Quarry. How does it work? In this challenge, players had to break rocks to get gems and other materials. Then those materials are converted to bells or some other materials which are specially marked as a reward.

Reissue Starter Pack

The simplest way to get reissue material is to spend a little bit of your own money and after purchasing you can put them on your list. How much money will you have to pay? Well!! 5 pieces of reissue material and 70 Leaf tickets are included in the $2.99 Reissue Starter Pack. Keep in this mind that these Reissue Starter Packs have a maximum purchase limit of 5. You can’t purchase more than 5.

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This is the complete guide on how to get reissue material pocket camp. With careful use, you can create some incredible and uncommon items using this material. Reissue Material should be sought out and utilized to your benefit. So, make sure that if you get this material you can properly use this for your benefit and make your line clear towards winning the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What items you can craft with Reissue Material?

Items from sets like Rover, Wonderland, and others, can be crafted with Reissue Material.

What is the total number of villagers you can find in Animal Crossing?

317 villagers are presently accessible in Pocket Camp. Some of them are unavailable yet but they will come back soon.

What is the maximum number of levels in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

The maximin level cap in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is level 60, which can be difficult to reach but is required to access all of the game’s features.

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