How To Get Salandit In Pokemon Go? Easy Ways

After getting a lot of Pokemon sessions, players are currently trying to get Salandit before it gets out of control in Pokemon Go. What is Salandit and How To Get Salandit In Pokemon Go? Through events, Pokemon Go adds rare and new pokemon to its roster. It’s Salandit. It’s rare so it will be difficult for players to capture it.

However, there is a method from which players can capture Salandit. We will discuss that method later in the article. 

Players must get Salandit from a 12 km egg. Currently, this is the only method of getting one in the game. How do you get these eggs? 

The information you need for Salandit in Pokemon Go, including How to get one and evolve it in Sazzle, can be found below in the article.

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How To Get Salandit In Pokemon Go? 

Salandit can only be captured by hatching 12km eggs. By defeating Cliff, Sierra, or Arlo, one of the Team Go Rocket Leaders, you can get these eggs. It won’t be easy to fight the commanders of Team Rocket. However, in order to locate the Team Rocket Leaders, players must fight the six Team Rocket Grunts and create a Rocket Rader.

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Is Hatching Eggs The Only Way to Get Salandit?

Yes, as of right now, this is the only way to catch Salandit. Even this is not sure that players will definitely get Salandit from this method. 12km Eggs can hatch 10 additional potential pokemon, including Absol, Larvitar, and Skorupi. This means that until they have a Salandit, players must hatch as many 12km eggs as they can. 

How Can You Get Salazzle From Salandit?

Getting a hold of Salazzle is the next stage when a Salandit has finally hatched. For those who want to evolve Salandit into Salazzle, it is yet another tiresome effort. It is exceedingly challenging to acquire a Salandit, and players will require a female Salandit in order for it to evolve into a Salazzle. Because a male Salandit cannot use for it. Players also need 50 candies in order to do this process.

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Can Salandit Be Shiny In Pokemon Go?

Salandit’s Shiny variant isn’t right now accessible in Pokemon Go. But in upcoming activities or updates, it might make an appearance in shiny form.


That’s all you need to know about how to get Salandit in Pokemon Go. As hatching eggs is the only way to get it. So, you have to make sure that you understand this method carefully and you will be able to get it as soon. In its future update, Salandit also has a shiny appearance which makes it more attractive for players to grab it. Keep one thing in mind, after getting Salandit, evolving it into Salazzle is an important step. Don’t forget to do this step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Describe Salandit in Pokemon Go.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Alola area, a Poison/Fire-type monster named Salandit first emerged. When you have gathered enough Candy, the Pokemon first known as the Toxic Lizard transforms into Salazzle.

How rare is a Salandit?

When Salandit hatches, there is less than a 15% chance that it will do so as a female, making it extremely rare to come across. The female Salandit will transform into Salazzle if you give it 50 Salandit candies.

Which is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

The rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go are Salandit and Salazzle.

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