How To Get Shiny Smeargle Pokemon Go?

Shiny Pokemon always catch our attention because of their appearance being unique making them stand out among all other regular Pokemon. That is why we thought that it would be great if we help you to know how to get Shiny Smeargle in Pokemon Go, and we are sure you would also want that. 

To get Shiny Smeargle in Pokemon Go, you have to keep checking all the snapshots you take of your Pokemon in the Go Snapshot option and when you find a Shiny Smeargle photobombing one of those pictures, you will find a Shiny Smeargle lurking around you in the map, you can follow it and catch it for yourself. 

Pokemon Go consists of a lot of species of Pokemon to find and capture. While there are already over 730 different Pokemon, the count increases when you also consider their variants, like their shadow version or shiny version. 

Among all these Pokemon, a Shiny Smeargle is one of the rare Pokemon to find in Pokemon, so, we are here to help you with catching it in the game. 

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How To Get Shiny Smeargle Pokemon Go?

If you want to get a Shiny Smeargle for yourself, it is going to be a bit challenging for you because this is quite a rare species in Pokemon Go, however, it is not entirely impossible to have one. 

Usually, people sometimes encounter a Shiny Smeargle even when they are just simply roaming around in the wild in Pokemon Go. 

By the way, you must have heard of the GO Snapshot feature available in Pokemon Go, right? If you haven’t yet, then it is the mode where you can take Snapshots of your captured Pokemon in the AR mode available in the game. 

So, when you take these GO Snapshots, there are some instances when the Painter Pokemon will make a surprise appearance in one of them. 

When you find that a Smeargle has photobombed a snapshot of yours, this would mean that one is lurking around in the surroundings that you can find on the map, and thus, you can capture it easily. 

Ever since the new Pokemon Snap Event took place in Pokemon Go, there have been quite more frequent appearances of Smeargle in the snapshots than ever, so, it has become much easier for the players to get one. 

While these Smeargles appear in your Snapshots, there are great chances that you will also get to see the shiny variant of this Pokemon, which means that you will be able to catch a Shiny Smeargle. 

So, all you have to do is, keep checking your snapshot gallery in Pokemon Go every time you take a Snapshot of any of your Pokemon in the game. 

If you don’t know how to take a snapshot in Pokemon Go, then don’t worry we are here to let you know that too. 

You just need to open your item bag in the game where you will find the camera icon, tap on it and select the Pokemon of which you want to take a Snapshot. Then you can click a few snapshots of your Pokemon. 

After you are done taking the snapshots, you have to go to the gallery to see those snapshots right then and check if there is a Shiny Smeargle photobombing in any of them. If there is, you have to go back to the main menu of the game and open the map view where you will be able to find a Smeargle easily. 

Then you can capture this Shiny Smeargle just like you catch any other Pokemon in the game and this rare variant will be yours and yours only. 

Remember that this is the only reliable method by which you have some chance of catching a Smeargle in Pokemon Go, so make sure you take plenty of Snapshots in the game. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you will definitely get a Shiny Smeargle in Pokemon Go sooner than even you had expected. Smeargle appears in the Snapshots a limited number of times in the game so you have to make sure that whenever one appears, you do not miss it at any cost.

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