How To Get Silcoon Pokemon Go – Time To Evolve Your Wurmple

If you want to beat Fire, Rock, or Flying Pokemon in the game Pokemon Go, then you need a Bug-type Pokemon, and what would be a better choice than Silcoon? So, do you wish to know how to get Silcoon Pokemon Go? 

To get Silcoon Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you first need to catch a Wurmple Pokemon and then you will need about twelve Wurmple Candies for the evolution process to take place. Also, remember that a Wurmple can either evolve into a Silcoon or a Cascoon, however, you cannot control which one it would become, but there is an advantage you have in this case. Want to know what’s that? You will get to know as you keep reading. 

Pokemon Go has ever since been our favorite AR (augmented reality) mobile game. The experience is entirely unique when you get a chance to play the game in your geographical location. You go out, look for the Pokemon around you in the streets and parks, and where not! After that, you have to catch them as their trainer. 

There is a variety of Pokemon that can be caught in this game while some can only be evolved. One such is Silcoon which you can get through evolution. So if you are really interested in this Pokemon so that you can finally get the Beautifly Pokemon, then you will find out here what exactly you need to do. 

How To Get Silcoon Pokemon Go?

The best way by which you can get Silcoon in Pokemon Go is by evolving the Wurmple Pokemon in the game. Now the thing is, what is the procedure in which a Wurmple can be evolved? 

How To Get Silcoon Pokemon Go By Evolving It From Wurmple?

Before everything, the most crucial you need to know is that the Wurmple can either be evolved into a Cascoon or a Silcoon and you do not have any control over which one it would evolve into because that entirely depends upon their personality value which is a stat that cannot be checked in the game. 

But the best part is that you can easily catch as many Wurmple pokemon as you want in the game and then evolve them one by one. Your luck might not be in your favor for the first time but it would work at least for the second, third or fourth time. 

So all you have to do is catch a Wurmple as well as collect at least 12 Wurmple candies which are required to evolve it into Silcoon or Cascoon. These Wurmple candies can be easily obtained from the Bug Out event that is to take place this year. Every year such events are organized and you can collect your Pokemon candies from there. 

As for Wurmple, you can find them at any time of the day in the Obsidian Fieldlands, which includes Floaro Gardens, The Heartwood, and Horseshoe Plains. It is quite an easy task to find and catch as many Wurmples as you want. 

Thus, both Wurmple and Wurmple candies can be obtained easily in Pokemon go and you can proceed with the evolution process. 

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How To Get Silcoon Pokemon Go From Caterpie?

It is believed that a Silcoon is also obtained from a Caterpie. So, if you find one, which can be seen in the grassy areas, you can evolve it using a Silcoon stone that is either present in the wild or you can also make a purchase for that from the in-game store. So you can give this method a try if your luck with Wurmple doesn’t go well. 

How To Get Silcoon Pokemon Go From Egg?

Another believed method for getting Silcoon in Pokemon Go is by hatching the Silcoon eggs which you can either find at certain PokeStops or directly from the in-game store of Pokemon Go. once you walk with that egg for a certain distance, you can hatch it and get a Silcoon. 

Wrap Up

Now you know all the possible methods in which you can get your Silcoon in Pokemon Go. And once you have your own Silcoon, you can easily evolve it into a Beautifly with the help of 50 Wurmple candies which is not that tough task.

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