How To Get Smoldering Ember God Of War?

God of War is a perfect combination of action, adventure, fantasy, and some incredible but dangerous enemies for the players to compete with. But do you know what makes this game a bit more interesting? The crafting mechanics of the game. Crafting your own weapons for the game makes it enjoyable and the player feels like a character in this amazing storyline. 

Smoldering Ember is a rare, valuable, and the most difficult to possess crafting material in the game and thus requires some hard work to obtain it. This is a rare resource to be found in the game and is required to create some very significant and valuable equipment that you will need during the gameplay. 

To get Smoldering Ember, the player must travel from Midgard to Muspelheim, go through the different arena trials with varying difficulty modes, and Complete the Surtur’s hidden trial where you must defeat as many enemies as possible and earn the smoldering embers accordingly.  Continue to know more about How to get Smoldering Ember God of War

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How To Get Smoldering Ember God Of War?

Smoldering is an important and valuable resource that can help the players in crafting weapons and upgrading them as per their choice. As this is a valuable object, so is it difficult to obtain. The player must follow certain steps to first reach there and then finally get the Smoldering Ember. These materials can be obtained as rewards for completing the challenges or trials in Muspelheim and the amount is determined by how you perform and of course, your kills. 

To get to Smoldering Ember, the player first needs to travel from Midgard to Muspelheim, a realm possessing a huge amount of lavas and volcanoes. This fiery land is the location where you can get these most significant resources. To enter there, you must first interact with the witch and complete the Cave Puzzles and after fulfilling this, you are allowed to enter the realm of Muspelheim. Here, you will be awarded Smoldering Ember when you complete the arena trials

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In the first Arena Trial, you need to beat about 15 enemies and the time limit is only three minutes. In the second, you need to survive in the arena for fifteen minutes and you can finish it too. The third Arena requires you to break the shield and this is possible by beating grunts. Also, defeat the enemies in the Gold Ring. Fourth Arena needs you to defeat a hundred enemies in the middle of the fight and also prevent Atreus to be grabbed by the Grunts three times

In the fifth Arena, first, defeat the enemies to get more time and try not to get damaged by 20 of the enemies. Arena six requires you to beat the Valkyrie Gondul Boss which is actually tough, so, you need to practice your dodging skills to those fire attacks. After completing these trials, you will reach the Surtr’s Hidden Trial after getting the sword at the realm’s end. This would only be accessible after you finish the previously laid trials. In this, defeat as many enemies as you can in about eight minutes

Defeating 20 enemies will provide you with bronze, 35 with Silver, and 50 with gold. Similarly, the more enemies you kill, the more Smoldering Ember will be provided to you for crafting and upgrading purposes. 

Wrap Up

Smoldering Ember is important for the players to craft and upgrade their weapons. This is a rare resource so you must go through the steps we provided to get to the location and the tips you must follow to obtain the Smoldering Ember by completing the trials and missions within. We have also provided insight into the various trials you will need to complete in Muspelheim. Carefully follow them and get the best resource to craft the weapons of your choice. 

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