How To Get Trading Cards On Steam 2022

Want to show off your gameplay on Steam with the advantages that you can get on Steam only if you have trading cards? The thing is, most people are not aware of how to get trading cards on Steam. 

Steam is a popular online platform where one can either buy or sell a game, or create, play, and discuss various games for PC. one of the several features on Steam is the trading cards which are of two types, standard, and foil. These trading cards are used to be crafted into badges that have specific uses. 

How to get trading cards on Steam? Answer: There are several games on Steam where you can participate and you will get the trading cards just by playing them. As for the rare foil cards, you can purchase them from the Steam market online. 

For a detailed description of how do you get trading cards on Steam, you will have to dive further into this article and get your answers right away. 

How To Get Trading Cards On Steam?

Getting your own trading cards on Steam is not a big deal. There are certain trading cards on Steam that you can obtain just by taking part in some participating games and the card will be added to your Steam inventory. While, in the case of the foil cards, which are the rare ones, you will require to loosen up your pockets and purchase them. 

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How To Get Steam Trading Cards For Free?

The best way in which you can get gree trading cards on Steam is by playing some participating games. You do not even have to be the winner in the game, just taking part and playing is sufficient. 

There will be a list of games in the Store as well as your Library which are eligible for you to get trading cards on Steam. Just choose a game and log in to it and you will earn a trading card even before you begin to play. Just like that, random cards will be added to your account’s inventory. 

How To Get Steam Trading Cards Without Playing?

If you do not want to waste time playing games first and want to get the trading cards straightaway on Steam, then you can go and purchase them. Also, not all kinds of trading cards can be obtained just by playing games, so if you want to have a complete collection of trading cards on Steam, then you will have to spend some money. 

So, here’s how to buy trading cards on Steam: 

1. Open the Steam window on your PC

2. Now Click on your Steam account name mentioned to the right of Community. 

3. Now, go to the Badges page and choose the game for which you want to buy the trading cards. 

4. Now, select the card that you wish to purchase. 

5. Now click on the Search The Market option. 

6. Here you can purchase the card you want out of the available choices by paying the required amount. 

How To Sell Trading Cards On Steam?

Now that you know how to get trading cards on Steam, you can have a good collection of trading cards, you can also sell them and earn money from them. Here are the steps required to sell the trading cards you own on Steam. 

1. Open Steam on your PC and click on your username. 

2. Now click on Inventory and you will see a list of trading cards you own on the platform. 

3. Choose the card that you wish to sell and click on the Sell button. 

4. Now, enter the amount for which you are willing to sell that particular trading card. Agree to the Subscriber Agreement of Steam and click on Okay and the card will be put for sale. 

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Wrap Up

Now you are aware of the two possible ways in which you can collect or purchase the trading cards for Steam and use these cards in whichever way you want to.

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