How To Get Xerneas In Pokemon Go 2022

Up for taming the legendary Tier 5 raid boss? Well, we definitely can help you with this by letting you know how to get Xerneas in Pokemon Go. So, are you ready for the capture of this Fairy-type Pokemon in the game? Let’s go then. 

The highly augmented AR game, Pokemon Go, lets you as a player create as well as customize your avatars the way you want them to be.

Then you set off to capture different types of Pokemon from the original geographical location around you. Among some legendary Pokemon in the game that can be captured, Xerneas is also one. 

How to get Xerneas in Pokemon Go? Answer: You can get Xerneas only in the 5-star raids in the Pokemon Go game. It will take more than one trainer to capture Xerneas in the battle because this Pokemon is quite strong.

Let us now move to the detailed answer so you can be better guided on your way to get Xerneas in Pokemon Go. 

How To Get Xerneas In Pokemon Go?

As you know that Xerneas come under the category of Fairy Type Pokemon, and thus, it has a weak response to the Steel and Poison moves.

However, it possesses strong immunity to Dragon attacks and good resistivity to Bug, Dark, and fighting moves. So, if you are to capture Xerneas in Pokemon Go, you will have to keep all these things in mind. 

See, if you want to capture the rare Xerneas in Pokemon Go, you will have to wait for the Luminous Legends event to be held.

The last time, this event took place was from May 4 to May 17 in 2021. Yet, this year, the event has not taken place yet, so you can expect it anytime soon. 

It is better to keep checking every month if the announcements of the Luminous Legends event have been made in Pokemon Go, and if it happens, take part in the event. 

If this event doesn’t arrive, you can also expect the Xerneas to appear in any of the monthly raids in Pokemon Go. So, make sure that you also take part in the week-long monthly raids that occur in the game. 

As you find Xerneas, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should have either Poison or Steel-type Pokemon with you which can include Mega Venusaur, Metagross, Mega Gengar, Mega Beedrill, Heatran, Lucario, Empoleon, and Genesect; if you have some of these, there are strong chances that you will be able to capture Xerneas. 

Make sure that you avoid Dragon, Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type pokemon because they won’t be able to win against Xerneas no matter what. 

Also, your chances of getting Xerneas will be better only if you team up with more trainers and then go to capture it because capturing such a strong Pokemon is not a task of a single trainer in the game. So, gather at least two or three friends of yours who will compete on your side. 

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Can You Get Shiny Xerneas In Pokemon Go?

We feel sorry while giving you this piece of information that no matter how many five-star raids or events you take part in and win, you won’t be able to get Shiny Xerneas in Pokemon Go because a Shiny Xerneas is not at all available to be captured in the game. 

But, don’t lose hope, with the upcoming upgrades, there are strong chances that the players will be allowed to capture Shiny Xerneas in the game also, but we can’t tell right now how long you would have to wait for that. 

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Wrap Up

This is all about how to get Xerneas in Pokemon Go. So, just stay updated about all the major raids taking place in the game plus the Luminous Legends event if announced, or else you won’t get the chance to find any.

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