How To Make A Split Screen On Mac?

Keeping track of your assignments and projects is one of the finest strategies to accomplish more work. People who frequently switch between apps back and forth may find it challenging. What is the solution? Split-Screen mode! But How To Make A Split Screen On Mac?

Thankfully, Mac provides a Split-Screen mode that enables you to place two apps (or two different browser windows) on opposite sides of your display. How to enable it? Make sure the settings are configured properly. To achieve this, go to Apple Menu —>System Preferences—> Mission Control and check if displays have different spaces.

This will enable the Split-View feature on Mac. If you want to know full information about the Split-View feature on Mac, then this article is perfect for you.

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How To Make A Split Screen On Mac?

here are the steps on how to make a split screen on Mac. You can just follow these and achieve what you want.

  • Verify that neither of the windows you want to use is full-screen
  • Set your pointer over one of the windows you want to use a top left green button. Instead of clicking to enlarge the window, hold your cursor over it until a drop-down menu appears
  • Choose either the tile window on the right or the tile window on the left of the screen. The split-Screen mode will be initiated automatically on your Mac
  • Then, on the opposite side of the screen, another open window will appear. The window you select will fill the remaining half of your screen when you click it on the rest of your screen
  • Use the slider in the screen’s middle to change the size of the windows.

How To Exit Split-Screen On Mac?

If you have had enough, here’s how to leave the Split-Screen arrangement.

  • When you notice the buttons for changing the size of each window at the top left of the screen, your cursor should be there.
  • To close that window, use the red button, and to end Split-Screen mode, press the green button
  • Not to worry! Your second window is still open; in full-screen mode, it is simply hidden. Press the F3 key, which is designed as “mission control”, to send it back.
  • The desktop and the window you were using in Split-Screen mode should both be visible as options at the top of the screen. To quit full-screen mode, click the green sizing button in the top left corner of the other window after selecting it.

Keyboard Shortcut For Mac

Start by switching to full-screen mode by pressing Control+Command+F. Once mission control has appeared, press F3 to switch to another program by dragging it onto the one that is now full-screen. 

You’ll be Split-View when you click back into one of the recently tiled apps.

How To Make Your Own Keyboard Shortcut?

Your own custom keyboard shortcut can be created. You should go to System Preferences> Keyboards> Shortcuts> App Shortcuts. To add the command “Tile Window to Left of Screen” using the appropriate shortcut, click the Add button. 

Your active window will tie to the left side of the screen once you’ve enabled the shortcut, and you can select another window to be added to your Split-Screen by doing so.

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That’s How To Make A Split Screen On Mac. As you can see setting up a double screen on an updated Mac is simple and quick. With Split-view all it takes to transfer your screen into a multitasking powerhouse are a quick few steps. Split-View is a strong multi-tasking tool. You won’t ever have to switch from window to window again! The Menu bar and Dock will immediately disappear when Split-View is turned on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mission Control on a Mac?

With just one swipe of your fingertip, you can view all of the open windows on your Mac. This is all because of the Mission Control tool.

On a Mac, How do you adjust the Split-Screen View?

Drag the middle separator to change the size of either side while using Split View on a Mac.

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