How To Put On Gas Mask In Warzone?

Everyone playing the new battle royale Warzone will need to have at least one Gas Mask with them. Why? The map’s explorable regions will become smaller and smaller as you advance through a game, with gas closing in to stop players from leaving the area. We need to know how to put on gas mask in Warzone because the gas is poisonous and instantly kills players and a gas mask is the only solution to avoid this.

Fortunately, gas masks are widely available throughout Caldera. These can be worn for a limited period of time to enter the gas without suffering any harm. Is there a different way to put on the Gas Mask? It is interesting that gas masks can automatically be put on your face as soon as to enter the gas. 

If you want to know full information about Gas Masks, then you have to read this article completely. We have covered almost everything you need to know in the later article.

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How To Put On Gas Mask In Warzone?

To put on Gas Mask in Warzone, you will need to find the Gas Mask first. Once you have them, they are quite easy to use. Actually, you don’t need to do anything. Your character will immediately place it over their head if they want to overcome by gas. Now, the question is, How to get Gas Mask in Warzone?

How To Get Gas Mask In Warzone?

Gas Masks can be located in the game just like other treasures. Following are some possible ways to get Gas Mask in Warzone-

  • Examining containers
  • Taking items from dead players
  • Robbing structures
  • Also, Gas Mask costs $3000 at the purchasing station

 Brief overview To Get And Put On Gas Mask

  • Loot: To find a mask, you must plunder boxes, structures, and other players
  • Enter the gas pedal: Your mask will automatically fit if you need to enter the gas
  • Find another one: You will need to find a replacement mask if yours breaks

What Will Happen If You Not Put On Gas Mask?

As the gas is very poisonous, So in case you aren’t put on Gas Mask, then this could be a danger to you because this poisonous gas can cause a lot of damage to your health. 


Keep in mind that now whenever you start entering the game of Warzone, you must have a Gas Mask with you. Getting them is not a difficult task. By completing the basic steps you will be able to get Gas Mask. Remember that you are allowed to carry only one Gas Mask at a particular time. So, now after getting miniguns in Warzone, now you are also ready to get Gas Masks in Warzone. So, what are you waiting for, download Warzone now!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the only issue with the gas mask in the warzone?

The only issue with a gas mask is that the animation cannot be controlled, thus if you breathe in it, an animation of your character putting on the mask will begin to play. This will be limiting your ability to handle the pistol. Being unable to aim down sight while an adversary is in front of you might be annoying. 

Where is the gas mask icon located in the warzone?

The gas mask icon lies in the lower left corner of your screen, near your health and armor. 

What are Durable gas masks in the warzone?

Special extra durable gas masks called Golden (Durable) gas masks were first debuted in Season 5. While inside the Battle Royale gas rings, they shield the user from injury. They can only be obtained from the Stadium’s sealed chambers.

What does durable gas mask do?

Unlike standard gas masks, which only last 10 seconds before breaking, durable gas masks endure 15 seconds before shattering.

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