Is Far Cry 5 Split Screen?

Far Cry 5 drops players into a world of danger populated by psychotic cultists and hostile wildlife. The game takes players into the fictional setting of Hope County, Montana, a mountainous region in the rural part located in the United States.

The game features a new recruitment system, a massive map editor, as well as stunt missions to take on and, consequently, time. The previous Far Cry Games have often been a focus on cooperative play, committing completely new modes and missions to this theme as well. Far Cry 5 is no exception.

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Although previous games had an additional mode for multiplayer cooperative play, you can play the entire Far Cry 5’s campaign in an additional player. However, this is only applicable to online co-op play and there’s no possibility for local split screen gaming at the moment. 

It’s a bummer for those looking to play with a pal sitting on the sofa however, it’s still amazing that the whole game can be played with online co-op. There are outposts to be liberated and wildlife to hunt and a kind religious leader to eliminate while having the help of your friends with you.

It’s always helpful having an additional player to battle the dangers of Hope County with, as they are able to help and even revive you in case you fall. The experience gained through cooperative play is also counted towards the development of each player. There’s no punishment when you team up.

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More Info About Far Cry 5 Split Screen

No. Far Cry 5 co-op is only available online. It’s highly probable that Ubisoft will launch an option to play with a coach in this game. It’s likely that the Far Cry 4 Campaign will not be split into a game-to game or game-to multiplayer component, Ubisoft announced this week. For Far Cry 3 players were able to play missions online or through split-screen co-op . Far Cry 4’s Campaign will not have that option currently.

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