How To Take A Website Down | How To Shut Down A Website

Is there a website you found violating the Copyright Act? Then we want you to know how to take a website down because such acts are definitely not acceptable. There are legal as well as illegal ways for taking down a website and we shall explain both of them to you. 

To take a website down, you can file a complaint against it to ICCC if the website is illegal and you have sufficient evidence to prove that. If you want to shut down your personal website then you will need to cancel your account from your web hosting service and then contact your company to ask them to renounce your domain. Also, do you know an illegal method that hackers use to take down websites? 

There are uncountable websites that upload content for the viewers. While most of them are authentic, there are undoubtedly some websites that are inappropriate or upload plagiarized content. It is necessary to take down such websites that might be causing harm to others in one way or the other. 

If you also witnessed that shouldn’t be operating, or if you just do not need your own website to be running anymore, then you can also take steps to get the website shut down through our guide.

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How To Take A Website Down?

There can be several reasons for taking down a website based upon which should be your method of doing so. 

You might either be looking forward to shutting down your own website or taking down an illegal website. We will check out all the possible ways in which you can shut down a website. 

Steps To Take Down An Illegal Website

First of all, you must have collected genuine proof of a website being illegal. Once you are sure about it and verified that, then go for the steps to take down that website. 

Before you take any huge action, try contacting the publisher of that website and asking them to take the illegal content down by themselves. If that doesn’t work, then you will have to take the major step. 

File a complaint against that website to ICCC, that is, Internet Crime Complaint Center, whcih is corporated with the FBI. Thus, all the reports related to cybercrime are acceptable by ICCC. 

As you have filed your complaint along with strong proof, your work is done. ICCC will itself take care of everything else and after suitable verification, the website will be taken down. 

Steps To Take Down Your Personal Website

If you want to shut down the website you handle yourself, then here are the steps that you will need to follow for that:

1. First, cancel your account from your web hosting service. This will remove all your pages online and will not be visible to the users then. 

2. Then, contact the company where you got your domain name registered, like, GoDaddy or whichever it is, and renounce your domain there. 

3. Within 48 hours of the action, the data on your website will be removed entirely from the internet, and the website domain will also be moved back to the public pool. 

How To Take A Website Down By DDoS?

This is basically an illegal way of taking down a website and if you are doing this, you can also be jailed for up to eight years, so make sure that you do not try this out ruthlessly. 

This is a method where you flood a website with a lot of traffic due to which the website gets slowed down and finally, it gets shut down because of the inability of crawlers to handle so much traffic. This method is what we call DDoS or DoS (denial of service).

Usually, the security breachers or hackers use this kind of method to attack a website and take it down. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the major ways of how to take a website down. So, if there is a website you own and do not want it to be there anymore, you can shut that down, as well as if there is a website that you have found out is posting some illegal and inappropriate content, you can get that taken down as well.

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