How To Unlock Jak BFB Attachment in MW3 & Warzone

With the right attachments on your weapon, a considerable difference is made in Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone. And here is a walkthrough of how you can obtain and use the JAK BFB attachment.

How to Get the JAK BFB Attachment in MW3 & Warzone:

The JAK BFB is a compensator Muzzle attachment with considerable advantages in controlling weapons. To unlock this attachment, follow these steps:

Go to the Season 1 Battle Pass Sector 21.

Locate it in Section A21.

Complete the challenge: “Score 10 operator or special zombie kills while hip firing while using SMGs.”

This simple mission will get you the JAK BFB attachment.

How to Use the JAK BFB Attachment in MW3 & Warzone:

While unlocking the JAK BFB is simple, optimizing its use requires consideration of its pros and cons:


The recoil from the Gun Kick is reduced by 60%.

20% reduction in Horizontal Recoil.

40% reduction in Vertical Recoil.


Identifies your location on the map by a red arrow.

Decreases ADS Speed.

Decreases Movement.

Steps to Use:

Head to the Gunsmith.

Fix the JAK BFB to your preferred weapon.

One thing worth mentioning is that although the JAK BFB improves your weapon control, it does have its disadvantages. You will be visible on the map, and your ADS and Movement speed will slow down. The risk and reward should be taken into consideration before this attachment.

After attaching the BFB to your weapon, you will notice that it results in a much better performance when engaging enemies at close range, from which elimination of such targets is easier. But remember the risks involved in using it.

The JAK BFB attachment can be a revolution in MW3 Multiplayer and Warzone if you carefully calculate its pros and cons.

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