10 Best Pubg Mobile YouTubers from India Who Play Like A Pro

There was a time when parents used to give more preference to study rather than sports. But now, because of some gamers, people are getting to know about”eSports” as well. 

This mostly happened because of Indian Pubg Mobile YouTubers who grew the gaming industry from scratch. I also didn’t know about the term “eSports” before Pubg Mobile tournaments. 

In an era where gaming is considered a waste of time by Indian parents, most players are still struggling to do something amazing in this industry. 

However, the gaming industry has grown rapidly in India for the past 2-3 years. If you ask any Indian person about some eSports players, the majority will tell you only about Pubg players like Dynamo, ScoutOp, Jonathan, etc.

Top 10 Indian Pubg Mobile YouTubers

If we talk about new and old Pubg Mobile YouTubers, then the list will go on and on and on. So, we decided to bring only those who have millions of subscribers and play games like an ultra pro max player.

Jonathan Gaming

Writing about Pubg Mobile and not adding Jonathan, How’s this possible? Jonathan Amaral is the best assaulter in Pubg Mobile in India. He started his eSports career by playing Pubg Mobile tournaments. His YouTube channel has over 3.22 million subscribers.

Dynamo Gaming

Aadi Sawant, aka Dynamo is popularly known as the best sniper in Pubg Mobile in India. His sniping skills are legendary. Dynamo started live streaming games on YouTube a few years ago with little to no viewers. But today, his YouTube channel has more than 9 million subscribers. 


On our third list of best Indian Pubg Mobile YouTubers, we have Tanmay Singh. Previously, he was a member of the IND clan but now he plays for Team Soul. Most people don’t know that Scout also remained a national football player. And now, he is pursuing his career in gaming.


Born on May 22, 1997, Naman Mathur is the famous Indian Pubg Mobile YouTuber with over 6.8 million subscribers. He is the creator of the SOUL clan. Apart from the Mortal channel, Naman also owns Mortal Shorts where he uploads short gaming videos.


Owais is also among the best Indian Pubg Assaulters. He is from Mumbai. Owais first started playing for team SOUL but then shifted to GXR. As of now, Owais has played many eSports tournaments including PMSC 2019, Pubg Mobile Star Challenge.



Animesh Agarwal is popularly known as “Thug” in Pubg Mobile. He is currently 25 years old and still playing competitive tournaments. Animesh has a YouTube channel of the same name with 1M subscribers. Apart from it, he is the founder of the 8bit clan.

Ghatak Gaming

Ghatak Gaming is the name of a YouTube channel created by Abhijeet Andhare. He is an active professional eSports player. Abhijeet has founded the team ORB but currently, he plays for GodLike Esports. Talking about his YouTube channel, it has 526k subscribers.

Soul Viper

Soul Viper is the in-game name of Yash Paresh Soni who is an active Pubg Mobile player(currently BGMI). He first used to play Counter-Strike on Pc but now, he does Pubg live streaming on his YouTube channel. Today his channel has 1.26M subscribers.

Kronten Gaming

Chetan Chandgude is the owner of Kronten Gaming. He is among the oldest Indian Pubg Mobile players. He is from Pune, Maharashtra. Chetan created his YouTube channel back in 2018 and now he has over 2M subscribers. The total number of uploaded videos in Kronten Gaming is 1.5K.

SOUL Regaltos

As the name suggests, this player is also from team SOUL. The original name of Regaltos is Parv Singh. He is a professional Indian gamer and mostly plays with Mortal. Parv is also an active YouTuber. His YouTube channel has 2.18 million subscribers while uploaded videos are 728.


The above listed are the top 10 Indian Pubg Mobile YouTubers. Almost every Indian gamer is familiar with these names. Apart from it, there are also other popular YouTubers including Carryislive and therawnee, but they are not professional gamers.

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