Is Bonelab Multiplayer Quest 2?

Do shooter games packed with adventure excite you? Then the new game Bonelab is quite a good option. However, if you have a whole squad with the same interests as well as Oculus Quest 2, then you might want to know if Bonelb is multiplayer for Quest 2 or not, and we will answer that for you. 

Most men love to play shooter games and there is a wide range in this genre to get out there, and a new game named Bonelab, the successor of Boneworks has recently been released. The gamers who have experienced the gameplay of Boneworks, have definitely been excited to hear about Bonelab and can’t wait to play. 

Unfortunately, Bonelab is not multiplayer on Quest 2, so you will have to just experience this amazing game alone. However, there is a lot more about this recent game that you would like to know. 

To get detailed information about Bonelab and its multiplayer mode on Quest 2, we suggest you keep reading this article till the end. 

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Is Bonelab Multiplayer Quest 2? 

Full of discoveries and experiments that are challenging, Bonelab is one of the latest games, the successor of Boneworks and players are already liking it a lot. 

You get to take the role of a character who is trying to escape as he has been sentenced to death. In his attempt to escape, he discovers an underground research facility. 

The physics systems of Bonelab are definitely much more improvised in comparison to its predecessor BoneWorks. The wide range of exotic weapons and VR combat takes the players to a whole new experience. 

The players are also allowed to change the skin of their character throughout the game. Avatar customizations are available as per the players’ requirements and the players can even swap their avatars while the gameplay is going on. 

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You will find simulation, adventure, and fighting in this shooter game, all the evergreen and popular genres in gaming. 

After going through the perks of playing this game Bonelab, you are surely planning to take the experience to a whole new level by playing it on Oculus Quest 2, right? Well, the game Bonelab is supported on Meta Quest 2 so you can play it there, however, the support is only for the single-player mode and not the multiplayer. 

So, if you were planning to play Bonelab with your friends on Oculus Quest 2, then your dream has been shattered by the unavailability of the multiplayer mode for this game. This is undoubtedly a huge disappointment for the players who were eagerly waiting for the release of this game so that they can experience it with their friends on Oculus Quest 2. 

The thing is that it is not just Oculus Quest 2 that doesn’t support the multiplayer mode in Bonelab, you cannot play the game in multiplayer mode on any of the devices/consoles that support Bonelab. 

So, the only option that you have to play Bonelab is the single-player mode, irrespective of whether you have an Oculus Quest 2 to play it or any other supported device or console. 

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Thus, for now, all you can do is play the game in single-player mode while waiting for Stress Level Zero (the developers of Bonelab) to consider the popularity of the game as well as the anticipation of the players for the multiplayer mode, and then, who knows if they soon add the multiplayer option for Quest 2 and other consoles, after all the game is new and a lot of more changes can be made with time. 

Wrap Up

That was all you needed to know regarding the multiplayer mode of Bonelab in Oculus Quest 2. Though the game is not supported for multiplayer gameplay, even if you are playing the game alone, there is not going to be any compromise with the fun and enjoyment you will have while playing this.

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