Is Contractors Vr Crossplay?

Contractors VR VR is a multiplayer VR shooter game for military and operative combat. It allows you to experience an immersive VR battlefield featuring intense firefights, coop missions, lethal weapons, and a customizable loadout. It’s a fast-paced, military shooter game with online competitive game modes and coop missions.

Crossplay and Cross-Platform in Contractors VR

Open beta version available for free. It includes four large-scale maps and allows cross-play with PCs. Contractors Caveman VR Studio has announced a new update for its multiplayer shooter VR Contractors. This includes support for Oculus Quest headsets in the ongoing open beta.

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How do you play Contractors VR with friends?

Simply open the Oculus app and click on the Social tab. Then, select the game that interests you. You can then create an invitation link to share with your friends. This will allow them to join your multiplayer session.

Can you play Contractors with friends?

You can also party with your Steam friends and group matchmaker from the main menu. This is a much easier process than what you would typically have to go through in VR FPS games.

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What game modes are in contractors VR?

Contractors VR is a fast-paced multiplayer VR shooter game for military and competitive multiplayer shooting. You will experience a virtual battlefield of the highest quality with intense firefights, cooperative missions, lethal weapons and a customizable loadout. 

There are two game modes: Competitive and casual. You can participate in intense online and offline co-op missions.

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