Is Craftopia Split Screen?

Craftopia is an open-world multiplayer survival game that incorporates elements of fishing, crafting, farming, dungeon-crawling and collecting creatures. The colorful, cell-shaded art style and the world’s design and gameplay fundamentally draw the style of Breath of the Wild and a long laundry list of similarities.The creators have incorporated a variety of aspects that you will enjoy like hunting or farming, hack and slash, construction, and automation to make the game.

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Craftopia Split Screen

Craftopia comes with a multiplayer mode that is available. It also allows Co-Op campaigns that can have up to eight players which is an added benefit.

This means that you are able to play on both LAN play or online play. However, dedicated servers and mixed online and local play is not possible. Since this tends to be a relaxed game, it doesn’t really matter too much.

It’s unfortunate that dedicated servers as developers and players don’t have the ability to design thrilling mods or worlds.

Don’t also expect that you’ll have Split screen capabilities as the game doesn’t have these features. One can see the reason why they didn’t have split-screening because of LAN capabilities. You would like to have more systems instead of playing on just one.

Is Craftopia suitable for children?

Parents need to be aware that Craftopia is a craft competition show for children, hosted by YouTube celebrity Lauren Riihimaki (aka LaurDIY). The overall atmosphere and competition are jovial and friendly and free of the snarky talk or tears that are seen in certain adult game shows.

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Does Craftopia have an interesting story?

In the teasers, Craftopia is determined to contain a bit from every possible game. The story starts with an explosion, and the end of the world. After an in-depth explanation of what’s to come the player is thrown on an island in order to start new worlds.

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