Is diablo 3 crossplay? | Diablo 3 cross-platform and crossplay explained!

The title of Blizzard’s horror, Diablo 3, remains loved by fans who are waiting for the next chapter in the grisly story But does it work on all platforms? This is all we know about crossplay in Diablo 3.

In the meantime, as the Diablo series continues to grow with the much-anticipated Diablo 4 and the franchise’s first ever mobile game, Diablo Immortal, there’s plenty for the inhabitants of Sanctuary to be excited about.

Diablo 3, however, the third game in the epic battle between demons and angels continues to be a hit, releasing new seasons each month, packed with exclusive content games, game modes and more.

Diablo 3 crossplay 2022

As the game gets ever more challenging, players all over the world have probably abandoned the notion of playing across platforms.

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In an interview in 2018 in the 2018 interview Business Insider, a Blizzard representative told the players “it’s a question of when, not if,” about crossplay.

However, the devs quickly removed the issue in a follow-up in which they said “while we love the idea of bringing our players together across platforms, we do not have any plans to implement cross-platform gameplay for ‘Diablo’ at this time.”

Thus, the probability of it changing any time in the near future is very unlikely. Diablo 4, however, is expected to have the system in place as the game’s first, which means you’ll be able to join players from across the virtual world.

Therefore, there’s a low chance that Diablo 3 will support crossplay in the near future, however, if we make good prayers for the Heavens, or offer some sacrifices for your Burning Hells maybe we’ll get someplace.

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Is Diablo 3 cross-platform?

However, Diablo 3 does not allow cross-platform game play. That means players are able to share their games with the platform they’re currently playing on.

PC players are able to play the other PC players, but the PC player cannot fight alongside their opponent on Switch.

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