Is Enlisted Crossplay? PC | PS4 | PS5 | Xbox

Enlisted is a multiplayer , first-person shooter in which players and small group are working together to eliminate the enemy. You’ll face a similar size enemy in several battles from the historical fighting through World War II.

Is Enlisted Crossplay?

In Gaijin Entertainment’s Enlisted FAQ, all versions of the game, including PC and console, can crossplay natively between them and are activated by default.

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To clarify Crossplay between Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is enabled by default, but you’ll need to include PC support and your game’s options. It’s the same for the PC version too but it is not recommended to play games with other players. If you not able to find the given details you can check Sony User Manual guide for further references.  

You also be able to disable crossplay altogether, as well as from the options. This will ensure that people only play your games on the same platform to the one you.

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Is enlisted crossplay with pc, Xbox, and Playstation?

Join a team with your pals Play with your friends on PC, Xbox and Playstation! In Enlisted, players can create a group consisting of players from any game-supported platform.Nov 17 2021.

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