Is Monster Hunter Split Screen?

Monster Hunter is a series which almost begs players to play with their fellow players. It’s the same with Monster Hunter Rise; teaming with other players makes hunting for monsters easier and more enjoyable. However, do you know if MH Rise has local couch multiplayer? This is the scoop on the Monster Hunter Rise split-screen mode for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

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Monster Hunter Rise Split-Screen: Is there couch co-op on Nintendo Switch?

The Monster Hunter franchise is arguably the best when played in a group. The series generally allows players to play online together with their friends but it also allows local group sessions on the couch. Hunts that require preparation and close cooperation are much more accessible by playing locally with your most immediate family and friends. Is it possible to accomplish this with this latest entry in the MH series’ latest installment to Nintendo Switch?

MH Rise features online cooperative multiplayer with at least four gamers. There isn’t Monster Hunter Rise split-screen co-op support. The game is not available to players on the brand-new Monster Hunter game in local co-op with their couch on Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

While the news could be disappointing, it’s actually not any more unexpected. Split-screen gaming isn’t a feature typically supported by the franchise and its implementation in the Nintendo Switch could have been challenging. The game that is played in split-screen mode can be very demanding.

It is likely that Nintendo Switch would struggle to keep up with the demands. Nintendo Switch would work to keep up with its technical performance in the event that Monster Hunter Rise was to include the feature.

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Monster Hunter is heavy on HUD and menus as well. Reducing these to a half-size would make the game significantly less accessible particularly in handheld mode.

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