Top 5 BMX Games That Played Well On Xbox One

What are BMX Games? The best-selling bike and bicycle racing brand worldwide are BMX. Another type of craze among young people who enjoy racing is BMX, particularly when bikes are involved.

Keeping this in mind, the developers created a tonne of BMX racing games for your PC, Xbox, or Playstations. From so many games, it is quite difficult to select the best BMX games for Xbox One.

Today I am here with the list of best BMX games, especially for Xbox One. If you want to play the top Xbox BMX Games but are unsure about which one to get from the internet source, then you must have to read the entire article.

List of BMX Games for Xbox One

  • BMX Simulator
  • Trials Fusion
  • Alex Kidd BMX Trials
  • MXGP 3
  • Monster Energy Supercross

Top 5 BMX Games That Played Well On Xbox One

BMX Simulator 

BMX Simulator was entertaining as well since players had to race over seven different BMX circuits against either a human opponent or a computer opponent while simultaneously attempting to break a time limit.

Even though it appeared to have very basic capabilities, it included several cutting-edge ones, like the option to watch slow-motion replays for each race.

Key Features of BMX Simulator

  • Realistic Physics
  • Freeride
  • Famous BMX sports and Bike parks
  • Intuitive Gestural Control System
  • Personalized characters
  • Bike Editor

Trials Fusion

With the new trick system introduced in Trials Fusion, players can do all kinds of bizarre and amazing mid-air maneuvers. Additionally, after finishing the game, you will be able to use the Rabbits, a yellow BMX-style bike with no engine.

You now possess the ideal BMX game, complete with bikes, tricks, and fantastic gameplay. When a plan works out, we are thrilled.

Key Features of Trials Fusion

  • Best-In-Class Platform Racing
  • Ubiquitous competition
  • Vibrant User-Generated Content Community

Alex Kidd BMX Trial

Alex Kidd BMX Trial is a wacky racing game in which our big-eared hero had to ride his BMX bike through a variety of obstacle courses. However, it was not quite that easy because Alex was being pursued by other bikers who kept attempting to knock him off his bike.

The game ended if they were successful in causing him to crash a predetermined number of times.

Key Features of Alex Kidd BMX Trial

  • Camera Support
  • Motion Control
  • Voice Control
  • Driving Wheel
  • Head Tracking
  • Flightstick


MXGP 3 provides its users with a dynamic and more engaging online gaming experience due to its unique graphics and techniques. It stands apart from other games of the same genre since you face extra difficulties here, such as variable weather and strange locations. The biker has to contend with the hot sun, overcast skies, and torrential downpour. 

As in real life, every adjustment will have an impact on the rider’s visibility.

Key Features of MXGP 3

  • Innovative graphics and real physics
  • Weather and Terrain challenges for you
  • Customize
  • The official tracks
  • Price: $18.95

Monster Energy Supercross

In this game, you can join a team with a legitimate Supercross rider. If you have played Monster Energy Supercross Season 1, you’ll notice a significant increase in the graphics. The brand new incredible compound, which was influenced by the most recent Corona Supercross test courses, you may now play together with your friends.

The largest-ever training or free-range, or race area is available at this track. With the new dedicated servers, you can experience more players, the game is ever multiplayer than ever as a gift to you.

Key Features of Monster Energy Supercross

  • Official Riders
  • Official Tracks
  • A Dedicated Servers
  • New co-op mode
  • Most complete supercross experience interface of the game
  • Price: $59.99


Before deciding to purchase any BMX game, it is good for you to first read the full article. I am damn sure that this article will give you the best suggestion about BMX games after you finished reading it. This article contains a list of the 5 best BMX games that will help you to pick one of the best games for Xbox One. I hope you will love to play these games.

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