Is War Thunder Crossplay in 2022?

Cross-play between PC/PS4/XB1 is Now Available with War Thunder. Here’s how to enable Crossplay.

How Do I Enable Crossplay on War Thunder?

We all know that War Thunder is a vehicular combat video game. It was developed and released through Gaijin Entertainment, this game is multiplayer.

There are a lot of concerns about Crossplay within War Thunder and many are thinking, is it War Thunder Crossplay?

Thus, taking no time, we’ll go through the story and find out how crossplay functions on PC and PS4 to play War Thunder.

Cross-play was made available since the beginning of War Thunder by Gaijin. It was however limited on PC as well as PS 4. Additionally, there’s crossover with PC or Xbox One as well.

How to enable Crossplay on War Thunder PC?

In the final quarter of 2019, several titles received a “yes” from Sony to enable Crossplay on the console.

There was a belief that a few restrictions had to be overcome before War Thunder got the same treatment.

We now know that the most recent War Thunder update mentioned is fully cross-playable between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Don’t forget that this is active across all game modes too.

War Thunder How to Allow Cross Play PS4?

As we’ve already mentioned the title of this update is “Starfighters’. The update also puts the cherry to the cake by introducing the Italian Navy tech tree , which includes 20 torpedo boats cruisers, destroyers, and cruisers.

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There are a few classic Supersonic Fighter Jets (the F-104 and the Mirage IIC). It is not just that they is the first vehicle on the ground equipped with sophisticated radars that can detect ground targets.

In addition, with these latest additions, the number of military vehicles included in War Thunder goes beyond 1700 to say the least.

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