Is new world cross platform in 2022?

New World is an open world MMO PC game developed by Amazon Games. Be able to defeat the ferocious army of the Corrupted and draw battle lines with other players in this world of danger and potential.

Is New World Cross-Platform?

New World does not support any crossplay feature since it’s only available for PC. We’ll need to wait for further announcements by Amazon Games if they’re going to make the game available for consoles and incorporate crossplay.

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How do you play with other friends? – New World co-op

New World is a bit difficult when it comes to allowing you to join forces with your friends on quests, at the very least. After you’ve completed the tutorial on the beach that is haunted, you’ll appear at random locations on the normal beach. Talk to the quest-giver to begin your first instruction, but don’t talk to him shortly.

Be patient and meet your friend before you embark on the mission to locate The Mysterious old Man. If you don’t, you’ll need to wait until you’ve completed the quest sequence before you begin taking on missions with your friends.

If you’re not sure which of your friends is where Make sure you form groups first. Click the button under the menu for social Add your friends to the group. Their names will be displayed with a blue background. There’s also an area marker that indicates the location they’re located.

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Do you think New World requires a subscription?

You don’t require an annual subscription to enjoy New World. The only requirement is an one-time purchase, which is $40 for the basic edition, though there could be expansions or other things worth spending on soon.

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