Is Omega Strikers Crossplay In 2022?

When action and strategy are brought together in a video game, it becomes far more exciting, and such games are best enjoyed when played with friends. One such great free-to-play video game is Omega Strikers, but, the question is, is Omega Strikers crossplay? You also want to know this, right? Let’s find out then. 

Odyssey Interactive recently announced a new 3v3 knockout striker game, Omega Strikers that is already making its place on the devices of various gamers because of its gameplay where the players get to knock out their opponents and make goals against them.

The best thing is that Omega Strikers is Crossplay which means that you won’t have difficulty playing this game with your friends even if they are using another gaming platform because this game supports various platforms. You would also like to know which platforms Omega Strikers crossplay on, right? That will also be covered in the latter part of this article. 

It is time to know in detail about the crossplay feature of the game Omega Striker especially if you and your friends are planning to play this game together. 

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Is Omega Strikers Crossplay?

Before answering this query, we want you to be aware of what exactly a crossplay game is. Well, there is no way you and your friends have purchased the same kind of gaming console, right? While one of you is playing the games on a PC, the other might have an Xbox or a PS4. 

Now the problem here is that whenever you and your friends wish to play the same game in multiplayer mode, you don’t get to do so because either the game is not supported on all the platforms, or even if it is supported, players are not allowed to play together in the same game from different types of consoles. 

This is the case when a game doesn’t have a crossplay feature. If a game is a crossplay, players using any of the devices it is supported on can come together and jump into the same game in multiplayer mode. That is why the crossplay mode becomes important for many games.

Omega Strikers includes a variety of strikingly unique and colorful characters known as Strikers. Starting with 10 Strikers, each one can be used to control the core, clear opponents from the arena, and score goals. 

Each Striker has a unique personality and set of skills. Because Omega Strikers is designed to be a player-first competitive free-to-play multiplayer game, loot boxes, consumable power boosts, and paid competitive advantages are not included in the game.

Undoubtedly, the game Omega Strikers has been made crossplay right from its release on September 16, 2022. 

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The multi-platform multiplayer game is currently under production and is expected to make its mobile device debut later this year. The Odyssey team intends to use its original characters in a series of games after this one. Odyssey is now developing a second game, and they’re looking for other game creators to join them on the journey.

Hence, it won’t be any longer before you will easily be able to play this game online with any of your friends. Until then, you can surely try out the game for yourself and get acquainted with the gameplay and functioning so that you can do well whenever you start playing it in crossplay mode with your friends. 

Wrap Up

Now that you know Omega Strikers is a crossplay game, you must share this great piece of news with your best friends and ask them if they are also as excited as you are about this latest video game which you can play completely for free. If there is any other game you wish to know about, you can tell us in the comments section below. 

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