Is Operation Tango Split Screen?

Operation: Tango, the monthly free PlayStation 5 game, is the official PS+ lineup for June. Operation: Tango will be a huge hit with players. But, will the cooperative adventure game have split-screen or local co-op?

Operation: Tango allows two people to play together to complete dangerous missions. Many users will be downloading the game in June and will appreciate any co-op features, such as split-screen and local co-op.

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What Is Operation: Tango?

Operation: Tango, an upcoming co-op espionage game, will be free to subscribers of PlayStation Plus during the month June.

You can also purchase the cooperative spy game on Steam, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

Operation: Tango’s official description reads: “Operation: Tango” is an espionage-themed cooperative adventures that challenges you and your friend to complete dangerous missions in a near future world. You and your partner will form an exclusive two-person team, where you will be the AGENT and HACKER and work together to take down a global threat of high-tech technology. Communication is essential, as you have only your voice to connect you. Teamwork is vital, and teamwork is essential.

To complete challenging missions, players will need to communicate with their teammate and complete puzzles.

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Is Operation: Tango Split Screen or Local Co-op?

Operation: Tango is available for free on PS+. However, it may disappoint those who are looking for local or split-screen support.

Operation: Tango doesn’t support split-screen co-op. The official Steam Store Page states that It supports online co-op. Official PlayStation Store Page states that Operation: Tango requires both online play and a PS Plus account.

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