Is Rocket League Split Screen?

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game created in collaboration with Psyonix. The game was released on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July of 2015, with the ports on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch coming later.

It’s a fun and exciting vehicle soccer game that’s accessible for free across all platforms. The game can be played online with friends and can be an enjoyable experience, however players can also play locally using the split-screen feature.

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Rocket League Split Screen

The split-screen feature is accessible in Rocket League on all platforms however each platform has its own limitations or specifications.

Players need to attach a third controller, and push the play button in order to start the game. The second player must sign in to an account in another way or a guest account, based on the platform they’re playing on.

PlayStation and Xbox players need to sign up for an account on PSN or Xbox Live account to use split-screen gaming online. A guest account lets players play offline games together; however, they can’t play with others online. The second player is able to join the game by pressing the menu or options button of their PlayStation or Xbox controllers, for example.

Nintendo Switch players need to connect a second controller, and hit the plus button. An additional online account isn’t needed for playing Rocket League online on the Switch and you can have two gamers play on a split screen with just one Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

PC gamers can play Rocket League split-screen, but this format doesn’t support the use of a keyboard or mouse. Two controllers are required to be connected and the second player will need to hit the start button in order to play split-screen. Each player can play online by using a single account.

Split-screen play with split screen Rocket League is relatively easy. Be aware that certain consoles are restricted in the game modes you are able to play on one account.

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Is Rocket League still on Xbox?

Rocket League can now be played available for free to play and no longer available via Xbox Game Pass. Download it on the store for free now and start your adventure.

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