How To Get Arch Glacor Killed In RuneScape?

Are you planning for Arch Glacor to be the first-ever boss that you kill in Rune Scape? Well, that is going to be quite challenging, but if you use the right strategy on how to get Arch Glacor killed, it is no longer going to be impossible, and we are here for that. 

Rune Scape is a popular multiplayer role-playing video game that a lot of players love to play. Although the game is meant to be played in multiplayer mode, there are some bosses that cannot be killed easily and you need a lot of preparation and the right methodology for that, just like in the case of an Arch Glacor. 

To get Arch Glacor killed, you need to have 80+ combat, 70+ defense, magic protection, soul split, tier 70+ armor, tier 80+ weaponry, super potions, and a lot more. This is just for the normal mode encounter, what about the hard mode? Don’t worry, for that you just have to read the rest of the article. 

Keep reading if you want to know everything in detail about dealing with Arch Glacor in the game Rune Scape.

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How To Get Arch Glacor Killed?

All the Glacors that are sent to the Elder God Wars Dungeon by Wen in the Glacor Front are led by the Arch Glacor, thus, this massive Glacor is quite significant in the game. 

An Arch Glacor can have either normal mode or hard mode encounters just like in the case of the bound, Kerapac, and TzKal-Zuk. 

There is a customizable fight in the normal mode where you are allowed to add or remove whichever mechanics you wish to, as a result, making the fight easier for you to deal with. 

Once you defeat the boss in a solo instance while having all the mechanics active, the players can get the hard mode encounter unlocked. 

Once you enter the hard mode fight, you will not be able to teleport out of the fight to a safe place like it happens in the normal mode and the deaths here are also unsafe. Thus, there are certain things you need to take care of while fighting the Arch Glacor in both modes. 

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Requirements For Normal Mode Encounter Of Arch Glacor

The first thing that we suggest is to have at least 80+ combat level in the combat style you have chosen for this fight and at least 70+ Defence level. 

Make sure that you use Magic Protection (protect from magic or deflect magic) every time you deal low damage. 

If you deal high damage, do not forget to use Soul Split which is preferable over the protection prayers.

Also, forget not to turn off the Auto-Retaliate mode because, during Pillars of Ice, you will require to stop attacking and start running around. 

Remember that this boss you are fighting doesn’t have any particular weaknesses, so, any combat style will be suitable in the normal mode encounter. 

However, it is better for you to use tier 70+ armor that includes Bandos, Armadyl, Subjugation, and many other better options. The weaponry you use should at least be tier 80. 

Choose the best combat potion among all that you have so that the chances of your hit and damage increase to a great extent. It should at least be a super potion. 

Requirements For Hard Mode Encounter Of Arch Glacor

If you have got the Hard Mode encounter unlocked and now going to fight Arch Glacor in this, there are a lot more preparations and precautions that you will need to take. 

First of all, you should have a combat level of at least 99 in whichever style you choose, and your Defence level should also be more than 85. 

You must have a minimum of 95 Prayers and Ancient Curses so that you can improve your damage. Use the top-level combat potions that you have. At level 96 Herblore, we recommend you use Overloads. 

Also, it is better for you to have the augmented gear having advanced perks at 120 Invention. 

As this boss you are going to fight will be having a mandatory prayer-switching, you are going to need the secondary action bar having hotkey-bound protection prayers. 

Since you cannot teleport in this mode like you could in a normal encounter, you will need to use either ring of death or practice mode so that you can reduce your death costs. 

Make sure that you have turned off the auto-retaliate because, during Pillars of Ice, you are going to need to run around and stop attacking. 

In case of the hard mode encounter, you need to use the armor that is at least tier 80 which includes Masterwork, Zamorak Anima, Pernix, Seren Anima, Virtus, and a lot of better options. 

The weaponry that you use here should be of at least tier 90. You are also going to need a shield or a defender so that you can reflect the Frost Cannon or barricade during the Pillars of Ice. 

Super Adrenaline potions are a must in this battle because they help restore 30% of the adrenaline you have used up. 

Wrap Up

We think that no one can stop you now from killing the ultimate boss Arch Glacor in Rune Scape. If there is still something that is troubling you either in the normal encounter or the hard encounter, you can tell us and we shall definitely help you out.

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