Is Star Wars Squadrons Split Screen?

Finally, we have a Star Wars space game that is stand-alone. It’s quite special. Star Wars: Squadrons, the latest space battle simulator from Star Wars Universe, lets you fly around a battlefield as a pilot in multiplayer games.

Star Wars: Squadrons split screen has been a topic of discussion for some time. Many games have recently gone split-screen! Star Wars would surely want to go that route.

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How to play Star Wars: Squadrons Split Screen

Split-screen Star Wars: Squadrons is not possible. Online multiplayer modes are available, including VR, but you cannot play local multiplayer. This game requires you to meet online friends.

It is a terrible shame. The couch-sharing feature was one of the highlights of the space battle simulators. It was an amazing experience to shoot your friends out of the air on the same computer as them.

Split-screen play is impossible due to Star Wars: Squadrons’ first-person perspective. Split-screen would have been more difficult to use in the originals than in Star Wars: Squadrons. That’s a lot!

This is contrary to what EA used to do. EA has added split-screen to multiplayer games, including Star Wars Battlefront II.

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This means that Squadrons won’t be able to split-screen. It’s possible to add this mode in future updates, but it is not likely, as the game has just been released. It’s possible that programmers didn’t know how to implement this mode upon release.

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