Is Staraptor Good Pokemon Go?

Are you eyeing the Normal and Flying Type Pokemon Staraptor so that you can have it on your team? But, before thinking of this, did you consider its abilities and find out if Staraptor is good in Pokemon Go or not? If you haven’t grasped all this info yet, then now is the time for you to know everything about this Pokemon so you can make the right decision about catching or not catching it. 

There are different types of Pokemon species present in the game Pokemon Go, while some of them are purely from one type, the others are the Dual Type Pokemon in the game. Based on this, the strengths and capabilities of these Pokemon also vary from each other to a great extent. 

Staraptor is not a Good Pokemon in Pokemon Go, instead, it is one of the best regional birds that you will ever find in the game whether you talk about its stats or the attacks. The Flying Type Moveset it has is quite useful to display the power this Pokemon possesses, if you are new to the game, you should, in no case, ignore this Pokemon. 

Let us understand a little more in detail about a Staraptor in Pokemon Go so that you can be more sure of obtaining it in the game without any past regrets. 

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Is Staraptor Good Pokemon Go?

Before coming to any kind of conclusion, it is necessary to get all the important information regarding a Starptor, and the same goes for any other Pokemon that you plan to get in Pokemon Go.

Since every player has their own requirements and expectations of a Pokemon based on their current situation, you will also be able to decide the value of this Pokemon for you only after considering 


Here are the stats of a Staraptor in Pokemon Go:

1. STA – 198

2. ATK – 234

3. DEF – 140

Now, we should also check out all the Movesets of a Staraptor both offensive and defensive to see if they are of any use or not for us in the battles. 

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Offensive Movesets Of Staraptor

1. Wing Attack and Gust are two moves of a Staraptor that are quite similar, however, it is easier to dodge a Wing Attack as it offers a shorter move window while the Wind Gust has the capacity to bring a lot more damage. 

2. Quick Attack seems quite superior, but when it is implemented, the players don’t find much use for this move. 

3. If you want acceptable Flying DPS, all you need to do is pair any good Flying Type Fast Move with the Brave Bird Moveset and see the impact it leaves. 

4. Try to avoid using Close Combat and just simply forget about using Heat Wave, they are not going to help at all. 

Defensive Movesets Of Staraptor

1. The best choice in the Defensive Movesets of a Staraptor is Gust, whose damage output is so high that it will leave a really good effect on the opponent. 

2. While Quick Attack is a good option, Wing Attack is a much better move as it offers much better coverage and its damage is also more. 

3. It becomes quite difficult for the opponent to dodge the moves like Close Combat and Brave Bird, with Close Combat being the one with comparatively better counter coverage. 

4. Lastly, if we talk about Heat Wave, its effect is a little lower than Close Combat, however, you can still consider it. 

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PvP Rating For Staraptor In Different Leagues In Pokemon Go

Master League – 0/5

Ultra League – 1/5

Great League – 1/5

Is Staraptor Worth It In Pokemon Go?

There will be nothing wrong in comparing a Staraptor with a Machamp in terms of Attack stat. It comes in the list of some of the best regional Bird Pokemon in the game, is quite powerful in the game, and is one of the most suitable Pokemon that a player must have in the game. 

Wrap Up

We hope that all the details we provided above were more than enough for you to conclude yourself if you should get a Staraptor or not. We think that if you have a Staravia on your list, you should definitely start collecting candies to evolve it into a Staraptor without wasting any more time.

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