Is Jojo All-Star Battle R Crossplay?

Fighting games are designed to be played with others. Right? See!! Everybody loves to compete against their mates in any fighting game whether it is a new one or an old one. Do you remember Jojo All-Star Battle R? It is a 2013 game from the fighting genre and now you all may also want to know if this game’s cross-play is available, as it is vital if you want to play with your friends online. 

Jojo All-Star Battle R is a fighting game that is currently available on almost all platforms with a multiplayer mode that allows you to add your friends to this game, but the only problem is with the gaming platforms. It is possible that the gaming platform of the individual with whom you wish to play is different because of which your friend is unable to join you for the game. In that scenario, a crossplay feature is a must.

Here is the bad news for players, the Crossplay feature is not available for this game. So, you are unable to play this game with your friends whose console is different from yours.

Well!! Don’t lose hope, you can play this game with friends having the same console. If you wanna know more about this game, and about its crossplay feature arrival, then keep reading this article.

What Are CrossPlay Games?

If you don’t know exactly what the crossplay feature is for, then let me explain it to you. Crossplay allows gamers on different gaming systems to play the same game at game time. Various firms are currently releasing their own gaming consoles, and each person purchases the one they desire. Because you all did not buy the same systems, your pals probably have different consoles. 

Players from different platforms cannot play together in online multiplayer mode if a game does not support crossplay, which shows that crossplay is an important feature of Online video games.

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Is Jojo All-Star Battle R CrossPlay?

Jojo’s All-Star Battle R is a fighting game published by Namco Bandai. This game allows players to fight against one another utilizing 40 characters drawn from the first eight narrative arcs, as well as one guest character drawn from another book by Araki. The goal of this game is to defeat your opponent depleting their endurance with a variety of attacks and some techniques.

Its gameplay includes five buttons- light, medium, and heavy attacks, a dodge button, and a Style button. The style button is the most used button in the full gameplay. A round is won when a player completely depletes all of their opponent’s stamina.

Jojo Bizzare Adventure contains various game modes, but the most important mode- All-Star Battle R Mode, contains not only clashes between characters from the original game, but also All-New Star Battle R bouts with over 100 combat available in a variety of locations and conditions. This mode also features unique character cosmetic skins and images that may be viewed in gallery mode.

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Now, the most important news about its crossplay update is that Kentaro Matano has declared that there would be no crossplay which means that users will be unable to compete against gamers on other platforms. But this game is cross-generational, thus Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 human battles will be feasible. 

This comes as bad news for those players, who want to play this game with their friends on different platforms. But you can still enjoy playing this game with your friends on the same platform as well as alone, as it features great gameplay and gives you a unique fighting style. So, just because this game lacks a crossplay feature, it does not mean that the game is not worth playing. Try this game once, and decide whether it is worth playing or not.


We know that you all are not happy by getting to know that Jojo: All-Star Battle R does not support the crossplay features. But the hope is not to end, maybe in the coming time, this game enables this feature. The thing you can do is wait for its future update and till then, play cross-generation for this game. 

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