Is Sunset Overdrive Split Screen?

Sunset Overdrive is an action-adventure video game that Insomniac Games developed. Microsoft Studios publishes it. The game takes place in 2027 in Sunset City, a fictional city.

Sunset Overdrive is a dynamic, open-world shooter that takes place in the not too distant future. Mutants have overrun your city after a catastrophic event. You thrive, while most mutants die or change into something else. 

Your calling isn’t cleaning up trash or cooking food. It’s mutant destruction. You have a lot to offer, including various powerful weapons, a knack for navigating the city with extreme agility, and an arsenal of kick-ass skills. Your journey is only beginning.

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Sunset Overdrive Split Screen

Sunset Overdrive does not have a split screen. You won’t be able to play the main story with co-op friends. However, you can jump into Sunset Overdrive’s cooperative mode called “Chaos Squad” by visiting the phone booths scattered around the map. You can pick one up, matchmaking begins, and continue the campaign until a game has been completed.

Is there a Sunset Overdrive 2?

There are good chances that Sunset Overdrive 2 will be made. Insomniac kept Sunset Overdrive’s rights, even though it was exclusive to Xbox. Insomniac now has the rights to create a sequel to the PlayStation 5 title, even though Sony acquired it.

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Sunset Overdrive still available?

Insomniac Games holds the IP. The game was an Xbox One exclusive in October 2014. It was released before it was finally released on PC. According to the listing on Microsoft’s XBGP site, it’s still available via Xbox Game Pass for PC. This is because Microsoft is the publisher.

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