Is The Immortals Fenyx Rising Multiplayer?

With its fresh and realistic fun environment, Immortals Fenyx Rising comes under the category of one of the best games from Ubisoft. Even after having online and offline modes, everyone is in doubt whether Immortals Fenyx Rising supports online multiplayer or not. Let’s find it out.

Well!! It’s unfortunate to know that despite being an amazing game, it doesn’t support the multiplayer feature. It is strictly a single-player game.

Now you all will be very eager to know that after having so much potential, why there is no multiplayer feature included in the game? Let’s clear your this confusion with this article.

Is The Immortals Fenyx Rising Multiplayer?

Sadly, there is no multiplayer mode in Immortals Fenyx Rising. This is an online game, but it does not have an online as well as an offline multiplayer feature. You cannot play this game with any of your friends or group. This game has to offer only a single-player RPG campaign.

Well!! Not only multiplayer features, but this game also doesn’t support split-screen, and no online co-op mode. It has come as a shock that why these cool and important features have been missed out from this game.

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Why does Immortals Fenyx Rising Not Support Multiplayer Mode?

After seeing that Ubisoft has made a lot of its other games in multiplayer mode. But why not with Immortals Fenyx Rising? Well!! We don’t know any exact reason behind doing this. Umm!! Maybe they would like to keep this game for those players who prefer to play the games alone without any external interference. 

Or there may be this reason that they want to include a multiplayer mode in the game, but due to some technical issues, they won’t be able to do this. 

Is There Any Chance That Immortals Fenyx Rising Will Be Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, there is no update from Ubisoft regarding the addition of a multiplayer mode in Immortals Fenyx Rising. But don’t lose hope, as Ubisoft is not completely dismissing this idea. Maybe one day you will get a surprise that you can play this game with your friends i.e. in multiplayer mode. So, keep waiting for its new updates.

Is Immortal’s Single-Player Status Beneficial?

The game’s setup for single-player mode is very well-managed. So, for those people who always wanted to play online games alone, this single-player idea is beneficial for them. To play this game, all you need to do is to make a character, then make an entry to the game’s environment, and start your own journey alone. 

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Does this mean that there won’t ever be a multiplayer mode for Immortals? Nothing from Ubisoft or Ubisoft Quebec on the game’s future content has been released, so we truly can’t say. Being a Ubisoft game, it is quite likely that we will receive a roadmap as soon as the game is published that will outline what can be expected from it in the future. We will update you soon as we get any news about it. Till then, you can enjoy this game single-player only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you play Immortals with your friends even though there is no multiplayer feature?

If you genuinely want to play this game with your friend then you can invite someone to sit next to you and help you out with the puzzles only by guiding you. Or you may occasionally hand the controller to your friend- perhaps after finishing each mission. But aside from that, you’ll be playing Immortals Fenyx Rising all by yourself.

Can Immortals Fenyx Rising Be Played Offline?

Yes, you can play Immortals Fenyx Rising offline. Whenever you are lacking an internet connection, then you can also enjoy this game by easily playing it in offline mode.

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