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Manga has gained popularity among the people not only in Japan but all across the globe. So basically Comics, Anime, or graphic novels from Japan are known as Manga.

In this article, we will be discussing a very famous Manga “Is This Hero For Real” and thoroughly explain its first chapter.

Is This Hero for Real?

“Is this Hero for Real” is a manga series written by Kkangmu, Pareunareu. The main theme of the story is whether he is really a hero or a demon.

The manga has a total number of 94 chapters. The story is about a student named Kang Hansoo who is teleported to another world by a goddess and his journey begins.

Who Is Kang Hansoo?

Kang Hansoo is the main character in the manga series “Is This Hero for Real”. He is in love with a fellow classmate named Yu Bora. he was born on earth as a normal human but then he changes later in the story.

He did not want to be a hero or a demi-god rather he wanted to leave that fantasy world and want to come back to his home. But he was betrayed by the goddess and got teleported into another world.

“Is This Hero For Real” Chapter 1 Explained

One day when there was no teacher in the class, a strange incident occurred. Kang Hansoo along with his other classmates are welcomed to the world of Fantasia by a goddess. They were all really shocked and their phones have turned into bricks. They were standing on the clouds and the goddess introduced her. She explains that the great demon king has been resurrected and the fantasia is in crisis. So that is the reason she has summoned them all to save the world.

The goddess tells them they will be teleported to a temple in Fantasia and welcomed by a saintess. They will be provided with all the material and emotional support there. Yu Bora asked the goddess a question if she could connect with her family as they must be worried about them but she answered that it is not possible and they can only return to their home after defeating the demons. The goddess answered all the questions from the students.

At last Kang Hansoo requested The goddess to send her back to earth as he has no intentions to become a hero. The other god asked him why he wanted to leave the world which was in danger and bother not to save. 

Kang replied that a person who makes his parents worried can save the world. The goddess then asks him to leave and all the students tell him to inform their parents. But Kang is betrayed by the goddess and he has been teleported to another world which is surely not Earth. He encounters demons there and his new journey begins and with this chapter 1 ends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Read Is This Hero For Real Online For Free?

You can read the manga online on this website. Simply open the website scroll down and click on the chapter you want to read. 

Who Transported Kang Hansoo And His Classmates in “Is This Hero For Real”?

A goddess transported Kang Hansoo and his classmates to save the world of Fantasia.  


If you are a manga reader and love reading superhero stories, you will definitely love this Manga “Is This Hero For Real”.  

In this article, we have covered Chapter 1 of the manga and it is surely worth reading manga, with its captivating plot and interesting characters.

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