Is Valheim Crossplay In 2024 Or Not? Find Your Answer Now!

If you are pounding about whether is Valheim crossplay or not in 2024, then we must say that you have come to the right place.

Valheim is a ruthless exploration and survival game that sets in the purgatory (inspired by Viking culture) generated through a process.

Build, fight, and take on and you’ll be on your way to an epic story worthy of Odin’s support. The game launched in February of 2021, and received an overwhelming response from over 65,144 players.

The answer to your question is Valheim crossplay or not, is positive. That means you will be able to play this in the crossplay mode. Wish to know more, read this article to its very end!

On Which Platforms You Can Play Valheim Game?

There are several platforms on which you can play this amazing Valheim game. Those gaming consoles are:

  1. Xbox One
  2. Xbox Series S
  3. Xbox Series X
  4. Linux
  5. Microsoft Windows

Is Valheim Crossplay In 2024?

For your information, this astonishing Valheim game does support the crossplay mode which means you will be playing this game with friends, no matter on which consoles you are running this game.

If you are using an Xbox console and on the other hand, your friend is using a PlayStation console then, without any trouble you and your friends will play this game effortlessly.

Is Valheim Cross-Platform?

Although Valheim does not support cross-platform play with PC and consoles, there is cross-play with Windows and Linux players. Valheim is available for PCs with Windows as well as Linux operating systems.

The game’s developer Iron Gate Studios stated that the game could be made available in a Mac version could be developed if demand increased to a sufficient level.

Due to the game’s growing popularity and its growing popularity, a Mac Version of Valheim may be on the way.

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Users running either OS can play together and a Mac version will most likely have crossplay. The game’s multiplayer feature can accommodate up to 10 players either in PvP or co-op mode.

Is Valheim On Xbox?

Regarding Xbox, there weren’t any plans to release on any other platforms when the FAQ was first written. However, the company has stated that they aren’t ruling from releasing console games shortly. 

Since the game first launched on Steam, the game has been listed on the list of the top games and has over 400,000 players playing at the same time.

Because of this enormous growth and popularity players on consoles have been asking if the survival game will ever be coming to consoles shortly.

Iron Gate AB, the game’s creator has revealed on the FAQ page on their website official they are planning to release Valheim will be available for Windows and Linux through Steam. A Mac version is also expected to be made available if there’s any demand.

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Is Valheim free? 

The game isn’t free, and it is currently in the early access phase that the game is in. Everyone interested can purchase it from Steam’s Steam games store.


We have discussed the query is Valheim crossplay or not in 2024 and we find that you can’t play this game in crossplay mode.

Hope you find this guide useful and informative too. Stay tuned for its future articles and thanks for reading this article till its very end.

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